Pay in Maine

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    What are new nurses starting out at in Maine?

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    Quote from Happeetxn
    What are new nurses starting out at in Maine?
    18.80 - 20.15 (more in the larger cities).
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    I only know LTC rates for RN's were always better in facilities close to Interstate 95, and near the coast. If you lived away from the highway, you made much less.
    One facility in Sanford paid their RN's $15+ per hour (5 years ago) on days.
    I made $24/hr on 11 to 7 as supervisor in another place in Biddeford. Low salary and limited choices certainly influenced our move out of state. Too bad, it's a beautiful place, but many folks find they have to work more than one job to make ends meet. And, you may have to drive, and drive, and drive to find a good job. Just my experience....
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    I started out in February and make about 20.28/hr base, not including shift diffs/weekends, etc. I work about 20 minutes outside of Portland at a community hospital.
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    As a new grad I started out at $41,070.00 with 10% extra for eve/nights and 25% additional for weekend pay (sat/sund). In 2 years I have increased my pay by $7,500.00 with advancements. :spin:
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    As a new grad 2 years ago, I started out base pay $41,070.00 with 10% differential on top of base pay for eve/nights and 25% difference for weekend (sat/sun). In 2 years I have increased my pay by $7,500.00 in advancements.
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    At orientation (attended by UMA nursing students scheduled for clinicals) at Maine Medical in Augusta, we were told new grads start at $21.00 hour.
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    New grads at MMC in Portland start at 22.30 per hour, with more for shift differential, nights and weekends. If you speak a foreign language there you can ask for more, cuz they always need interpretors.
    LTC facilities in the York county area start new grads at around 18.50 per hour.
    Hope this helps.
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    Hi! I am wondering what the starting pay is for new grad RNs at York Hospital.
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    stuRN6 -

    Where did you go to school for your RN? I am possibly moving to S. Maine next year some time. Good luck on your interview!!!:spin:

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