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  1. HeidiRNMaine

    trouble with rt's

    Not where I work. We all work together very well.
  2. HeidiRNMaine

    USM Accelerated Program

    It cost about $25,000 because I took out student loans to help get by financially while in school on top of tuition costs.
  3. HeidiRNMaine

    USM Accelerated Program

    Hi there, yes the accelerated program is hard to get into. They only accept about 32 candidates a year and over 200 apply. If you did well in college the first time around, have strong references as well as a good essay, I'd say your chances are pretty good. We got a decent amount of clinical experience, it is difficult though because you are basically working a full-time job while in school, and they definatley recommend not working at all outside of clinicals and classes. You have to have a pretty strong work ethic to get through since it's sooo intensive. Feel free to email me with any other questions...
  4. HeidiRNMaine

    USM Accelerated Program

    Hi there, I just wanted those interested to know that I graduated from the accelerated program and would be happy to answer any questions anyone has regarding it.
  5. HeidiRNMaine

    Pay in Maine

    I started out in February and make about 20.28/hr base, not including shift diffs/weekends, etc. I work about 20 minutes outside of Portland at a community hospital.
  6. HeidiRNMaine

    Any PHN nurses out there? New to board!

    Hi there, I am wondering if any public health nurses can share their experiences working in Maine. Do you find your job satisfying? Why do you like it? Any drawbacks? I am currently working at a community hospital near where I live and am considering a move to PHN. I am a recent grad with about 5 months experience, plus several years of previous experience as a social worker. I'm hoping this will help. Any advice is much apprecaited. Thanks!