Paramedics in the ER near Portland, Maine?

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My husband is a paramedic who works as a high-level ER Tech in Colorado. We will be relocating to Portland, Maine in Spring '23 and he's looking for the same position within an hour of Portland.

Do any of you work in ERs near, or in Portland where Paramedics work in the ER, helping nurses, and have a higher scope and pay than the CNA-level ER Techs?

It looks like CMMC in Lewiston offers that position, but I was told that they lost their trauma status, and that the new owners are making it an undesirable work place. Does anyone have first-hand experience to confirm this? Or is it a decent hospital to work for? 

My husband is a very hard worker. He teaches EMTs, he's excellent at placing lines on difficult patients, he teaches splinting, and has been trained into extended-scope procedures. He is a tremendous asset to his team and loves working in the hospital. 

He plans on going to nursing school once our boy is a little older. Any info would be much appreciated! 



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Im in Biddeford, the same hospital system as Portland, and we don't have EMS in the ER. I've worked where they are used in the ER, and they did a great job.

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