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Study Guides

  1. 0 Does your instructor(s) give you study guides for your exams or do they make you read and study the whole chapter? I was just curious.
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    We have study guides that go along with out books chapter by chapter. Instructors will usually still tell us a general idea of what to expect.
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    I have study guides with my text books as well but my teacher still tells us what to expect on our exams as well (her own study guide).
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    Quote from DivaLaJuicy
    Does your instructor(s) give you study guides for your exams or do they make you read and study the whole chapter? I was just curious.
    We don't get study guides. I read the whole chapter anyways, most of the time. However, our instructors have started telling us where to focus for our next tests. That helps, even if you read ahead of time because a lot of the info in the book isn't covered by the test and the instructor may focus on something the book didn't.
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    nope, no study guides! they just tell us what chapters to study which is usually all of them lol
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    we purchase study guides that go along with the books, not all are required, but even the required ones have not been homework. The teachers just tell us what chapters the tests are on...all of them... and we read the whole chapter. There may be handouts and homework, but reading the whole chapter is essential because the questions for the test comes out of a test bank and so anything can be on the test.
    The study guides that have gone along with the chapters have helped some. I would not say they helped me to ace a test yet, but did perhaps help me to focus or think a different way about the material. I tend to skim over things I don't find very interesting and they force me to take a better look at the text.
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    We get a sheet with objectives that we have to learn for each chapter. Our test are based on those objectives.
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    Nope! Just read everything and hope for the best!
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    Study guides..... Depends on your program & your instructor. Learn for yourself & your career. Everything is relevant, even if it doesn't seem to be. So keep up on syllabus assigned reading, take notes in class to make yourself listen actively & you'll do fine.
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    I have never received a study guide. Just which chapters to read for the exam...usually about 6 chapters a test.

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    My instructors give very specific lectures and expect us to take good notes. That's our study guide! Lol. But usually, whatever is on the exam was mentioned during lecture, so whatever we miss is our problem.
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    We get study guides, but we are still required to know everything in the book.

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