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I'm in my 2nd semester of LPN school at a community college, in a very highly regarded program with a 100% NCLEX pass rate. I was THRILLED to have gotten in to nursing school. I have a bachelor's in... Read More

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    Don't give up!! anyone who has been in any nursing classes wither CNA, RN or LPN all know there are certain areas people do not like. Mine was OB I'd prefer working in the ER but where I live LPN's usually work in mental health and nursing homes and rehab unit's or at doctors offices. I work now in a rehab unit. I didn't think I would like it but I feel everything we do as a nurse makes a difference in anyone's life young or old sick or not. It may not be where I see myself forever but it is my stepping home and I get a lot of practice with Iv's and injections along with the experience of Ortho patients. just try to hang in there it will be over and you'll look back and have learned a lot without realizing it.

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    No do not quit! Everyone has their own likes and dislikes and not everyone loves med-surg. Med-surg is probably the most difficult. Just stick it out. I loved psych and now work in mental health. And let what negative people have to say roll off your back. Stay focused on your goal and keep moving forward. You will make it!

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