REALLY would like to go to school to become an LPN. Is it possible at my age? I am 37

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    hello, i need some advice.
    i am your average housewife..ive been married 20 years and i have 7 children. i have worked as a cna/chha off and on for about 14 years now. i stopped working when i had my last child..well, it turns out that my little boy is very disabled. right now we know he has atypical moebius syndrome, he is deaf, mentally retarded, and he has a feeding tube because he cant/wont eat solid food.we are still making our way through various genetic tests, but so far they have come up normal! its very difficult, needless to say. that aside, caring for him has inspired me to start working again, and i really REALLY would like to go to school to become an lpn. is it possible at my age? i am 37 right now, and have several obstacles to overcome before i could actually go, meaning i would be around 39/40 before i even got started! any advice/encouragement/whatever would be much appreciated!!
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    the biggest obstacle being getting my ged. yes, its sad. i am nearly 40, and i simply haven't gotten around to it. raising my kids has made me put things on the back burner, but with my 2 oldest being adults and having flown the nest, i feel that the time is right
    i dont anticipate any trouble with the test, other than my less than perfect math skills, but i am working on that!
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    As far as I'm concerned, you're never to old to go to school.
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    I know of people in their forties and fifties who have graduated from nursing school. So, to answer your question, it is possible to complete school at your age.

    The main concern has less to do with your age, and more to do with making arrangements for your 7 children while you are completing clinical rotations, studying, etc.
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    I was 39 when I went to LPN school, I'll be stating RN school in January I'll be 43
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    I thought in my ealry thrities I would have been the oldest in my PN program. I was not by a long shot. The "young" ones were in their 30's. Now I am in Rn school and we have a bigger mix of ages but still 30 is not old by far. We have a few who are in their 50's, even more in their 40's. It is never to late to start. The good thing about PN school is it is usually only 12mths long. Good luck!
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    I'm in my 6th week of lpn school. I'm 39, have 5 kids and 3 stepkids. You can do it!
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    Most people in my PN program are over the age the 30. There's only 3 of us under the age of 21, out of a class of 30
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    I was just accepted into an ADN program and there were a TON of students at my orientation that were at least are never too old to go back to school! Just take it one step at a time and work on the GED first. You can only go up from there! Good luck!
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    I say go for it!!! With determination and drive, you can get your LPN license (or beyond!!) at any age!
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