Official as of today... I'm an LPN student

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    i made it!

    just want to say thank you to everyone on the bb who has encouraged me and just listened to my thoughts and fears, special thank you to obnurseheather. ( my mentor )

    i recieved my letter in the mail today, they had 44 trying to get in, but only taking 20! and i'm one of the 20. it just feels so damn good. our orientation is sept. 18th, and classes start oct. 1st, again thanks too all.

    p.s. ok all you seniors, be looking out for me cause, my long hard road is just starting, i'm gona need ya'll now and again.
    god bless all.

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    congradulations !!!!

    i'm so glad you got in, that is awesome !
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    Now the fun starts! Stock up on Haldol.

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    congrats! hope you enjoy your new career!
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    Congratulations Freebird.... My heart is ing for I welcome you into the family of nursing.... Be strong, and feel pun call on any of us to help when you're in need of even just a listening ear! I can hardly wait to hear the good news...that you have passed your boards...and stand ready to join us in our quest to serve your fellow man/woman..
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    I am happy for you freebird. I just started my LPN classes last week, so if I can help you in any way, just give me a pm
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    I'm excited and scared
    But soooooo ready
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    Freebird.....congratulations on gaining entrance into the nursing program. I wish you well in your schooling!
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    congratulations! all the best to you!
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    Congratulations, Freebird!!!! Good luck on your path, and hang in there. We're all here for ya.

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