Is the LPN program difficult????

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    I would like know how difficult the LPN program is. I also would like feedback about the LPN program at Dawson Technical Institute in Chicago. I am currently talking my prerequisite so I can enter the LPN program in January 2007. I'm very nervous because I have been out of school. I would greatly appreciate any feedback from graduates of this program and current students. I'm concerned because I am still going to have to work full time and take of my two kids while going to school.

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    Hello DEEDEE I just got accepted into the LPN program at Dawson and I start July 31 for the evening classes. I currently work full time at Provident Hospital and I really believe that I will do well. I am very determined to excel. I am 40 years old with a 15 year old son. e-mail me for any questions you may have. I am currently working as a certified medical assistant.

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    Well, yes, I thought it was hard. (mostly the prioritizing and drug questions )
    My PN program was more difficult than my arts & science program, and it was also harder than my Cosmetology school program. I feel like my whole last year, I did nothing but read , take tests, eat and sleep every now & then, and once in a while I got to see my kids and husband.

    But, I think the PN program was easier than the RN program i'm in right now.

    Good luck, the time goes fast at least
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    Well, it is really not too difficult..I mean if you can pass general education in a college, you can pass the theory nursing part in my opinion..It takes a lot of studying..

    But the thing that is the most important, is the skills and the clinical portion..

    I graduated the LPN program with an associates degree last month..
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    Does Dawson Technical have LPN courses in the evening?
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    I am actually trying to start an LPN program here in Chicago, and overall, Nursing School is hard. Nursing educators demand a lot from their students but it is really to help you become the best nurse you can be. If you learn to think critically then half the battle is over. try to put together how one action can effect another, how does someone with heart disease have problems in other parts of their bodies? How will the medication you give effect them? What do you have to watch out for? If you aren't being taught this then re-evaluate the school you have chosen, but overall, nursing educators are really trying to get you to this point of how to care for your patients. Good Luck - and welcome to Nursing in Illinois!!!
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    I think we must all remember that every individual has a different idea of what constitutes a 'difficult program'.

    I attended a private LVN program last year. Some students thought it was overwhelmingly difficult, whereas others thought it was relatively easy. My next statement might be construed as 'controversial', but here it is. The immigrant students who were educated in other countries seemed to do very well in the LVN program and thought it was very easy. The students who attended grade school in the United States seemed to struggle more with the LVN program and frequently complained that it was hard. I am a sixth-generation American who has never attended school outside the U.S., so please don't flame me for relaying my observations.
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    If you can get an associates degree in gerneral education then you can pass the LPN program..It is just a level of knowledge..Some people cannot have that level so they fail..Pluse if you spend a lot of time working and not studying, then of course you will fail..
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    I am in canada, and our program is difficult, but is made easy if you do your readings/homework.
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    I just finished my first semester. The people who studied most of their time find it not easy but they are able to do well. The folks who do not study most of the time are not doing too well.

    I think that this is the type of course that requires a person to read and study hard. I dont think a person will just slide by that doesnt really apply themselves.

    It is alot of information. The chapters, alot of them, are very long. Instructors go over it but it is up to the person to actually swallow it and digest it and have it become a part of them.

    Right now I am on a short break and am reading several chapters to prepare myself for the next semester. I could get by because I do the reading/studying but I really want to understand it completely and not just pass the quizzes, tests, and exams. After all, we wont be pushing papers or sitting in front of a computer screen, we will be hopefully helping real people who will be relying on us and our knowledge.

    Anyways, that is the real deal. Good luck.

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