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If you have been accepted into a LPN program...

  1. 0 If you have been accepted into a LPN program, what was your adjusted individual score on the TEAS V?
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    Hmmm.. That's a good question. I never even bothered to ask, when they said "you passed and you're in!" I was too excited to ask any other questions. Haha.
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    66.0%--I was so miserable and thought I did terrible and would never get in. But I did get in, and I am 3rd in my class so I'm not sure how accurate it is. lol
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    I haven't started my application process yet, but I e-mailed the program and they said I needed at least a 56 to apply but people who get in usually get in the high 60's. Maybe the program you are looking at will give you an idea?
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    71% .... the curve for interviews is pretty high! I think to get an interview at my school you just had to make around 55%
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    I'm not sure, I took my TEAS last year and had to have my spot held. My school goes by rank, they only take the top 80 or so scores out of the qualifying applicants and did not give us a minimum. My program percentile was in the high 90's though, about 97 I believe. There were about 250 people taking the test, so I knew if I was in the top ten percent of scores I would be in.
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    Mine was a 54% & I'm in my 2nd semester of nursing school.
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    I didn't take the TEAS V, I took the HESI, so I don't know if it will help, but mine over all was like 60% and I got in. However they only looked at 4 or 5 sections and of those I scored 88% and above.
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    98% and I used the TEAS V and McGraw Hill book
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    76% I used the ATI manual and the science section was unreasonably difficult.
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    hello my overall was a 82% I used " The Complete Idiot's Guide to Nursing entrance Exams" 25 dollars at Barnes and Nobel. I start my program in august.
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    I got a 78. I almost cried, until they told me it was AMAZING and the school average is about 51. Then I was like...who is being admitted to become nurses? o.O

    It wasn't adjusted though. That was straight-up average or whatever for the whole test across the sections.

    My score was good enough that last fall, when I was admitted, I said, "No, I think I'm taking another route in life," only for them to offer me a seat again this fall...and I took it.