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  1. stephanie30

    What's the BEST nursing shoes?

    I am SO glad I found this post. I am not sure if reading this gives me hope or not though. It seems a lot of nurses have foot issues. I am currently a stay at home mom and my feet hurt if I am on them for a few hours. I was really concerned that nursing might be a really bad choice for me long term due to foot pain. I should be offered a spot in the Medical Laboratory Science program that starts in August. I will be on my feet for that too. I may pass it up and do nursing in January. I am really weighing my options. I feel like finding a great shoe and maybe seeing a podiatrist is probably something I need to do either way. There are no good shoe stores around here. I should probably internet search and see where the closest one is. Even if it was an hour away it would be worth it to take care of my feet. You all gave great suggestions. I especially like when you say I like these shoes because I have this arch, etc. I have also read that compression socks can make a big difference. Anyway I just want to say thanks for this post and continuing to add to it!
  2. stephanie30

    Question to the single Moms

    I will be in the same boat. The month after I start nursing school my husband will deploy. I have 5 kids...YIKES! Is there another military wife that you can get help from? Military daycare providers have something called mildly ill care. You should look into that.
  3. stephanie30

    What the heck?

    Mine was pretty much self taught. The teacher was in the room (or rather in her office next to the room) for questions but that is it. The lecture was pretty much self taught too. Not online.
  4. stephanie30

    iMac or MacBook!

    Hubby and I both have refurbished MacBook Pro's. We always consult our computer friend when buying and he said if we can afford a MB Pro do it. We have had PC laptops and desktops and they lasted 2 or less years. When we moved we purchased an iMac and LOVE it, so when he suggested a MB pro we went for it and do not regret it at all! Sure we could buy 2 PC laptops for the price of 1 MB pro but we hope it to last at least twice as long, so the price over time will even out or more. He suggested the refurbished because he said the outside it kept but the guts get replaced. You have to watch what they put up because it changes sometimes day to day. For a while they had some that were more than we needed so we just kept watching, we ended up scoring 2 pros with more than enough memory and a disk drive for cheaper than a new Air. We have 13 inch screens because 15 wasn't in the budget, but it has been fine. Hubby is military and takes online classes, I take online and face to face classes, and we have 5 kids. We really needed a desktop and laptops. The kids use the desktop and hubby takes his laptop with him and I can use and take mine. No fighting over the computer! Just decide if a desktop or a laptop will suit your needs better. This is where to find the refurbished ones, just keep in mind they have a 1 year warranty....but you buy from Apple not an offsite place. Refurbished Mac Computers - Refurbished Notebooks & Desktop Computers - Apple Store (U.S.)
  5. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College - ADN program, it hasn't officially started yet (Jan 2014 start date). They will use GPA from 5 pre-req classes only and go by a point system.
  6. stephanie30

    teas v.s hesi

    Everyone at my school has told me the TEAS is harder and you need to study for both.
  7. stephanie30

    Is 1 "C" bad?

    I have a C in comp 1 (from 10 years ago) and my advisor said that if I re-take it I will loose more points than I will earn. They deduct points for retakes even if you passed the class the first time. I would check with the school first!
  8. stephanie30

    Are there really no jobs?

    We are in the South too. There are a lot of job opening even in our small town. But, we won't be staying here. I know jobs are hard to get right out of college period. I hope to get a part time job after my first semester of nursing school. I would try sooner, but I want to be at home with my kids as long as I can. I talked with my husband about just going the LPN route for now, but he said he thinks I should just try for the ADN program first. We know we will be here for 2 more years and if I am in nursing school already we can extend. I know the requirements for the school here and am almost done with them. Who knows what the next place will require.
  9. stephanie30

    online nursing prereq

    Georgia Military College has a lot of online classes. A&P 1 and 2, micro, psychology etc. They are on a quarter system also, so it is a little easier to knock out classes. Exams are all online and not proctored. They also evaluate all teachers every quarter, so you usually end up with pretty good teachers. Just make sure the nursing school you are applying to accepts online classes, some don't.
  10. stephanie30

    Are there really no jobs?

    I just read this post https://allnurses.com/nursing-news/nursing-still-attractive-830753.html It doesn't make me feel better about it.
  11. stephanie30

    Are there really no jobs?

    I keep seeing conflicting information. I know in my current state they are in need of nurses, but we will not be living here for more than a few more years. I want to be a nurse, but if I cannot find a job what is the point?! I really cannot think of anything else I want to do or would be happy doing. Some days I am gung-ho and others I rethink it.
  12. stephanie30

    can't take any prereqs- frustrated

    Change your major or transfer. You could also try putting in a transient request to a nearby school that will allow you to take some of the classes. The school I am currently attending requires general biology as a pre-req for A&P, so I am transferring this summer to the school that has the nursing program and they are allowing me to take A&P without the pre-req. I am not against gen bio, but I just felt like it was a waste of money and time since it won't be needed to get into nursing school.
  13. stephanie30

    Advice on how to be a more competitive nursing school candidate?

    Is it possible for you to cross train into something medical?
  14. stephanie30

    Anatomy and Physiology Coloring Workbooks

    That is a good idea. I don't have a smart phone or anything, did you use a phone or take a digital camera? I have taken an A&P course before and didn't have too much of a problem, other than the fact that I never went to class.
  15. stephanie30

    Anatomy and Physiology Coloring Workbooks

    Sorry I should have done a search before posting. I found these threads with helpful info. There are several of us taking A&P this summer though, so any other info might be helpful as well. https://allnurses.com/pre-nursing-student/anatomy-physiology-i-449247.html https://allnurses.com/pre-nursing-student/best-anatomy-physiology-797748.html
  16. Which ones are the GOOD ones? There are several on the market and I read the reviews, but they are pretty mixed. Do you think this is helpful? I can't spend a lot of time in the lab, so I thought this might be a good suppliment.