How expensive is your program?

  1. Just curious about the different pricing in the country. I attend a 12-month LVN program:

    Fall 2008: 2,150 tuition/fees + $700 books + $100 misc.
    Spring 2009: $2,275 tuition/fees + $100 books + $450 misc (graduate pin, board fees, etc.)
    Summer I: $1,550 tuition/fees

    TOTAL: $7,325

    I am out of district, though. The in-district fees total $5,500.
    This is Tyler Junior College, by the way.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I paid almost $20,000 to attend a private 12-month LVN program at a trade school in the Los Angeles area in 2004. And yes, I know community colleges and adult education schools have cheaper tuition rates.
  4. by   KIMYNURSE2B
    My 13 month program is now 15,500 I paid 12,500
    2 sets of blue scrubs about 40.00-50.00
    2 sets of white clinical uniforms- & shoes 150.00-200.00
    2 pins for clinicals -about 5.00
    Books- including Tabers-drugbook & class books- 500.00
    Graduation uniform- about 50.00
    Needed a laptop computer-Yes could of gone to Library
    I am going to say I paid about 14,000 -15,000 all said and done

    Some of the above could of beed cheaper
    I bought new books
    Some people only bought 1 scrub 1 uniform evan though we were told 2
    Did not "have" to get a computer and so on
  5. by   WhoNeedsaShot?
    I am in a 12 month LPN program at a local vo-tech, in Indiana
    It is a "program" so fees are not broken down into semesters
    Fail a class after week 8, and you are not onlyout of the program but also your money.

    It was $7,350.00

    This covers tutition
    2 Uniforms
    Lab Kit
    Parking permits and
    ID cards
  6. by   tothepointeLVN
    Cheap compared to LA
  7. by   Jules A
    Mine was around $5,000 at a CC.
  8. by   ladynurse1
    My program is roughly $4,100
  9. by   majik
    25k in Southern Cali. And, I didn't pass the NCLEX. Waiting to resit.
  10. by   majik
    I'm also in L.A. I need to try other alternatives. I heard from everyone that the Suzanne Plan is great.
  11. by   amjowens
    Quote from Majik
    25k in Southern Cali. And, I didn't pass the NCLEX. Waiting to resit.
    Before you do anything, make sure to get your confidence and mind in order!!! I heard that the reason the rate of passing goes down with the more times you take the NCLEX is likely because of what people who don't pass tell themselves, and their confidence sinks... Don't let this happen to you....YOU WILL PASS!

    I paid about $5000 in total at a community college. Some of the schools around here are 4 times that. Ouch! What we do to be nurses! If I HAD to pay that outrageous rate to be a LPN, I'd probably do it. With LPN salaries, though, I'd really have to sit and weigh the +/- of waiting for a community college spot for a year vs. that debt.
  12. by   NursingLadyQuinn
    I paid roughly 12,400 in Louisiana.
  13. by   mrsraisinkain
    Over $21K at a private school in Ohio
  14. by   LVN2010M
    $25,000 was that total, but as finacnial aid came inn i ended up paying $16,000 i live in southern Cali & attended a private school.