Fake Placenta?

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    Does anyone have any ideas on how to make a fake but realistic placenta?

    I'm trying to figure out how to make one for my class project. My group is going to have a presentation over The Stages of Labor, and I thought a good way to get some bonus points was if we did something out of the norm; Like a placenta!

    However, i can't find ANY online. So, any ideas?
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    Liver----liver for the placenta, 2 of those twisted cords (you could find at a craft store) like you would hold back drapes with--one blue, one red.......
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    Fill a gallon sized zip loc bag with lots of sauce and hamburger? Hah. That's all I think of when looking at placentas
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    Quote from beingcaitlin
    Fill a gallon sized zip loc bag with lots of sauce and hamburger? Hah. That's all I think of when looking at placentas
    Spaghetti is out of the question tonight... Hahaha!
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    Papier mache, with shiny crackle paint?

    Or, you can use the stuff I make for my boys. It's rubbery, gooey, wobbly gunk, and you can dye it any color you like, and its cheap!

    GAK - Elmer's Glue Borax Recipe at Steve Spangler Science
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    A slab of liver?
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    I just got the shivers as I read this post! Sheesh...and not too much gets to me. Weird.
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    I agree the GAK has the right consistency, and I've made homemade GAK before. You'll have to use food coloring, maybe two tones of dark placenta-like color.
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    I don't understand using gak or hamburger. Those have no stable form/shape. I thought my placentas were blobs/ sacs with a definite shape, though flexible. Placentas look slimy, but can be handled without disintegrating, I think. Not speaking from a nursing perspective, but from the perspective of looking at my kids own placentas.

    I like the paper mâché idea over a balloon. Or, homemade play dough - water, flour, salt, oil,
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    They sell one here that you can color: Human Fetus Replica - 7 Month Female w/Placenta, Nasco LF00708U on eBay!

    hmm..I also think getting newspapers and wetting/tearing them and mixing it all up to create some sort of moldable paper. You then mold it into a placenta and let it dry. The color can be mixed with the paper or it can be applied after it is dry.

    For the tube I would use something plastic so it moves a lot. wrap it with shoe laces or whatever to make it look real without being to messy.
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