Fake Placenta?

  1. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make a fake but realistic placenta?

    I'm trying to figure out how to make one for my class project. My group is going to have a presentation over The Stages of Labor, and I thought a good way to get some bonus points was if we did something out of the norm; Like a placenta!

    However, i can't find ANY online. So, any ideas?
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  3. by   jadelpn
    Liver----liver for the placenta, 2 of those twisted cords (you could find at a craft store) like you would hold back drapes with--one blue, one red.......
  4. by   beingcaitlin
    Fill a gallon sized zip loc bag with lots of sauce and hamburger? Hah. That's all I think of when looking at placentas
  5. by   CallieNM
    Quote from beingcaitlin
    Fill a gallon sized zip loc bag with lots of sauce and hamburger? Hah. That's all I think of when looking at placentas
    Spaghetti is out of the question tonight... Hahaha!
  6. by   CountryMomma
    Papier mache, with shiny crackle paint?

    Or, you can use the stuff I make for my boys. It's rubbery, gooey, wobbly gunk, and you can dye it any color you like, and its cheap!

    GAK - Elmer's Glue Borax Recipe at Steve Spangler Science
  7. by   Esme12
    A slab of liver?
  8. by   amoLucia
    I just got the shivers as I read this post! Sheesh...and not too much gets to me. Weird.
  9. by   nursel56
    I agree the GAK has the right consistency, and I've made homemade GAK before. You'll have to use food coloring, maybe two tones of dark placenta-like color.
  10. by   vintagemother
    I don't understand using gak or hamburger. Those have no stable form/shape. I thought my placentas were blobs/ sacs with a definite shape, though flexible. Placentas look slimy, but can be handled without disintegrating, I think. Not speaking from a nursing perspective, but from the perspective of looking at my kids own placentas.

    I like the paper mch idea over a balloon. Or, homemade play dough - water, flour, salt, oil,
  11. by   NursingBro
    They sell one here that you can color: Human Fetus Replica - 7 Month Female w/Placenta, Nasco LF00708U on eBay!

    hmm..I also think getting newspapers and wetting/tearing them and mixing it all up to create some sort of moldable paper. You then mold it into a placenta and let it dry. The color can be mixed with the paper or it can be applied after it is dry.

    For the tube I would use something plastic so it moves a lot. wrap it with shoe laces or whatever to make it look real without being to messy.
  12. by   CountryMomma
    When you make Gak at home, you can adjust the consistency to whatever you want. If you need it stiffer, you can add more borax. Need it more slimy, add less. If you needed it in a certain shape, you could pour the gak into a pre-formed mold shape and then thicken it there.