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Almost does not count !

  1. 19 I almost didn't make it to med surg I but I did ! ALMOST DOESN'T COUNT!

    so the point of me saying this is, NEVER let anyone sh* on your abilities. some of us fall short sometimes for whatever reason but if you really want something, you do WHATEVER (besides lie, cheat and steal) to get it !

    my instructors didn't think I would make it out of what they call "lower level" into "upper level" but I did. and I did NOT cheat my way there. I stepped my game up to show the ones that doubt me that I'm capable.

    "you're doing better than THEY said you would" will ALWAYS be my words of wisdom and daily motivation and those words weren't even told to me. I heard them from someone else.

    give God all the glory and force yourself. you have to want whatever you want in order to obtain or achieve it.


    GRADUATING August 17, 2012 at 7:00pm. I've claimed it.
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    Congrats! You should be very proud Never let anyone get you down!
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    Congratulations! You've earned it and deserve it!
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    I like to think of it in terms of that quote, "Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades."

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    YES!! Push forward and all will fall in place. With hard work and dedication you can do it all!!! WAY TO GO!
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    I know thats RIGHT...congrats!
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    Congrats ! What an awesome God we serve!
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    Happy, happy congrats! Next thing you know, you'll be kicking butt and taking names on the NCLEX!
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    You are so right! Thanks for the encouraging words, and good luck to you. :-)
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    Congrats to you!!! My motto has always been "I can do whatever I set my heart on!". I'm so happy you didn't listen to those that feel they know better than you what you can do
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    Congrats. Don't let anyone or anything stop you. I barely made it into nursing school with way too many obstacles but it all worked out. 5 years later I can say I love what I do and the people that touch my life daily. Keep your head up. HIS plan is so much greater than ours!!!
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