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  1. FLNurse2015

    Which is better to be hired in peds?

    I am a brand new ADN RN wanting to specialize in pediatrics, however the hospitals here are magnet and will only hire BSN nurses. I am starting my BSN classes end of this month, but have to work elsewhere meanwhile. My question is, which would look more appealing when I apply once I have my BSN.. acute adult experience in the hospital, or a pediatric psychiatric position I could obtain now? My mom, who has been an ED RN for 20 years is insisting if I do pediatric pysch, the hospitals will not look at that as real experience. I wanted to get your opinions though as I would much rather stay in pediatrics if possible without hindering my future chances. Thank you!
  2. FLNurse2015

    NCLEX-PN getting the "on hold" pop-up

    I was put on hold and I passed!
  3. FLNurse2015

    Took my boards today -75 questions

    thank you!
  4. FLNurse2015

    Took my boards today -75 questions

    An update! The hold was gone by late evening yesterday so that was fast and the PVT trick had the good pop up (I know the validity of it the first day is questioned but I did it anyways). Today I found out I passed, 24 hours after my exam!! I'm so happy to be an RN now!!
  5. FLNurse2015

    Took my boards today -75 questions

    Just thought I would update you guys. Took my NCLEX - RN this morning in Florida and it stopped at 75 questions. I'm already an LPN so I've been through this process before so I wasn't panicked when I walked out having no clue if I passed or failed. This time however was the first time my results were put on hold. Two things happened, one I finished the exam super fast, around 35-40 minutes so I know I was flagged for that. Then when I went to leave the exam the examiner said, "Whoops your test was already sent before I could do your last fingerprinting," so we had to do an addendum fingerprinting session. I do not have the patience of a saint when it comes to myself so this wait will be agonizing, but I'll keep this thread updated as hopefully it will be helpful for others put on hold!
  6. FLNurse2015

    Valencia Advanced Track Nursing Program Fall 2015

    I survived guys, it IS possible! I graduated on Wednesday from the AVS program! I'll be here if you guys need any help or a shoulder to cry on hah!
  7. FLNurse2015

    Just graduated!

    I wanted to once again thank everyone at allnurses.com. I started coming to this website before starting LPN school and now I have graduated from the LPN-RN bridge program! I start classes towards my BSN pre-reqs at the end of this month so I'm going to keep on going. (I have my ADN now). So I just wanted to give my thanks and hope that everything is possible even if you have to do it one step at a time!
  8. FLNurse2015

    Valencia Advanced Track Nursing Program Fall 2015

    It is all online except for lab check off the first semester and clinical. It's extremely fast paced, be prepared to spend a minimum of 60 hours a week reading, doing discussion boards and online assignments. Since you aren't going to class for lectures you are handed a weekly list of chapters to read and you just have to read and learn it all. Clinical is usually 1 day a week except for mental health days and then it is 2 days a week for that portion. The material itself isn't hard, it's just the amount of reading in the short amount of time that makes it challenging
  9. FLNurse2015

    Valencia Advanced Track Nursing Program Fall 2015

    It's ummm hard! It will be the hardest year of your life. Lots of people fail out.. we are down almost 50% from our original class
  10. FLNurse2015

    Valencia Advanced Track Nursing Program Fall 2015

    You have to keep in mind that everyone gets an email stating you've been accepted, put on the waiting list or declined from the program... so not hearing anything doesn't mean anything at all. All of those go out at the same time
  11. FLNurse2015

    Valencia Advanced Track Nursing Program Fall 2015

    no problem, try to breathe.. most people make it in from what I've heard as there isn't a huge influx of people wanting to bridge. Even the people on the waiting list usually make it in as people drop after orientation or when it's time to pay
  12. FLNurse2015

    Valencia Advanced Track Nursing Program Fall 2015

    I'm in the last semester of the AVS program at Valencia now.. it took the length of time they stated to hear back... the wait was agonizing. They let you know either way though so you will hear something soon
  13. FLNurse2015

    Exit Hesi

    Woohoo congrats! You've got this :)
  14. FLNurse2015

    What's your grading scale for class?

    A: 94-100 B: 84 - 93 C: 77 - 83 76 or below failing
  15. FLNurse2015

    How many clinical hours is your LPN/LVN program?

    I'm in the part time program which is 18 months long but the 11 month program has the same amount of hours. I think they go 2 days a week, one 12 hour shift and one 8 hour shift. Since we are part time we go to clinicals every other weekend. On Saturdays we do a 12 hour and on Sundays we do an 8 hour. Then at the end we do a 6 week practicum out in the field full time
  16. I was just wondering if this was something that is all the same, or if it differed. Our LPN program is 1,350 hours with 671 being classroom hours and 679 being clinical hours. Our teachers keep bragging that our 679 clinical hours are way more than the community college's RN program and universities BSN program