1MONTH TO GO!!!!!!!

  1. I have 1 month to go and cant wait and pray it all works out for the best!!!! Graduate October 10th! Will keep yous informed..anyone else graduating soon?
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  3. by   Fire Bird
    yay congrats hang in there
  4. by   Pink Magnolia
  5. by   LPN2BSNRN
    Are you graduating from RN or LPN school? If RN, is it ASN or BSN? Just curious. I am already LPN, going to school for RN (BSN).. still have another year of pre-reqs and then hopefully can get into the program.

    Hang in there and pray everyday and be specific in your prayers that God keeps you protected and doesn't let anything keep you from reaching this goal.
  6. by   cmm4ever
    Thanks everyone!
  7. by   vintagemother
    Congrats to you, CMM4ever! I have 6 weeks left in my LVN program! We're almost there!
  8. by   Buzzwump
    Congrats! I'll graduate in December with my BSN. I'm getting excited! A little scared, but really excited!
  9. by   pookyp
    LVN soon to be graduate here! Last day is December 10th!!
  10. by   itsinmy<3
    Graduating LVN school in December!! Counting down the days!! So excited!!
  11. by   spearsfm
    Pinning is October 2nd ,Graduation October 3rd ..soo excited!!
  12. by   SWM2009
    Congrats to all.

    My graduation is 3 months away in December but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel
  13. by   lpnstudent2013
    Only 4 more weeks here! Last final for LPN is October 11th. NCLEX here I come. So excited!
  14. by   pnkgirl25
    Same here!!! Last day is October 15 graduation November 15th WHOOT WHOOT!!!!!