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  1. lpnstudent2013

    Oregon LPN's NCLEX

  2. lpnstudent2013

    What was your first LPN job?l

    Just got my first nursing job. I'm in orientation this week. Then I get 5 days of shadowing and I'm on my own. It's skilled nursing and I'll have 16-20 patients. I'm nervous but excited. I did my senior clinicals at the rival facility to this one so I am very familiar with the pace and time management. I know it'll take time and practice, but I feel confident I can do it.
  3. lpnstudent2013

    Oregon LPN's NCLEX

    Update: My new LPN license showed up the next morning on the website. Yay!!! So relieved!
  4. lpnstudent2013

    Oregon LPN's NCLEX

    How long did it take you to find out if you passed your NCLEX? I took mine yesterday (8 am on Oct 17th) and I keep checking the OSBN website but it still just has my CNA license. The test shut off at 85 questions. The questions felt really hard but I looked up some stuff when I got home and found that I had gotten them right. I got mostly SATA questions. I counted about 60 of them out of 85 questions. I have been told that those are considered hard so the more you get the better you are doing. I'm hoping that's the case. I'm not going to do the Pearson pop up trick because 1) I have no money on my card if it does decide to take it and 2) I know two people last week who did it and it took their cards but they had passed. If I haven't heard by Monday I will do the quick results. But the thing is that everyone I know in Oregon was able to look up their name and new license on OSBN website within 24 hours. Anyone from Oregon who had it take longer to post but you still passed? I'm freaking out over here!!!
  5. lpnstudent2013

    How Many people did your program start out with?

    Started with 20, 2 dropped in the first quarter because they couldn't keep up, 1 dropped in the 2nd quarter due to being super grossed out in clinicals, no one dropped in 3rd quarter, and now in our final quarter we have only lost one so far due to grades. Yeah, my program is super lenient. I swore up and down that our one teacher kept avoiding giving us our final grade for pediatrics (her excuse was that she couldn't get the system to work, but it had worked for her before) because there were students who had failed and she had fudged their grades so they could pass. Come to find out, I was right. But those students are still in the program. Some have also made severe clinical errors and are still in the program too. Super annoying because half the class I wouldn't want near me as a nurse. I wish I was in a more strict program in some ways.
  6. lpnstudent2013

    Do your classmates really care?

    Yeah I feel the same in my program. About half the class really cares and tries hard and shows up on time and turn in their homework on time. The rest just don't do their homework and call in sick all the time while posting pictures of themselves at the beach or checked into a bar on Facebook. It is frustrating because the school is supposed to give consequences for those people but they don't. They're supposed to drop a grade level if they miss more than 15% of classes and even if they don't turn in homework in time, they still have to turn it in by the end of the quarter or they fail it. It's frustrating to see people who don't care just sliding through, but I just remind myself that this is about me and making sure I get through school and become a nurse. So I need to forget about them and focus on my own schooling and my own attitude. It's easier said than done though. :)