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    Northern Shenandoah Valley--$16 to start, $18 with experience, full affordable bennies, M-F with close to banker's hours. My classmates mostly went to LTC and made around $20 to start, working mostly nights. Sometimes it's a matter of picking your poison.

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    Home health $24/hr. When I travel to other cities, $26/hr in Phoenix, AZ. 2 weeks having my license at that!
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    New grad nurse in LTC $22.90/hr plus $1 shift differential for NOC shift. (Washington State)
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    In an OB/gyn office, in rural Texas... $15 per hour, after many years at home, and zero OB experience. My coworker, who has lots of experience, and has been there 10years, makes 18. No insurance, which is not a problem for me as I have it with my husband. For me coworker, this is a problem.
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    I commented before but I got a new job. I'm doing PDN but making $20/hr & working at a jail making $21.30/hr in south TX.
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    California 21 at a pediatric clinic M-F 3 years experience. Free health benefits and 2 weeks vacation.
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    Quote from slicksGIRL
    New grad lvn, no experience $19/hr (union) with benefits. Re-eval every 6 months. LA, CA
    Are they hiring at your job ?
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    Quote from marialou
    started at 17/hr 2003 ,now its 25/hr working in SNF in orange county ca
    wow lol what Facility are you working for , are they hiring ?
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    I actually have a question regarding salaries. I will be graduating in March 13' for my LPN. I'm moving to Horn Lake, MS (just outside Memphis, TN) afterwards. I'm trying to figure out what an entry level/ new graduate LPN salary or hourly pay would be. I'm from PA and the starting rate around here is 18-22/hr. I've googled a lot of different sites, but have pretty much come up empty handed. Does anyone know the LPN salary or have an idea? Thanks
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    Quote from marla23112
    There are lots of them. Greenkey, Pathway, Access, Excu_search to name a few. Hope this helps. You can Google them for contact info.
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