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  1. lvnforschool

    Gurnick Lvn to Rn in fresno

    I am a LVN graduate and let me just say, DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL! I hope they have improved some, but we wen't through **12** instructors over the course of 12 months. Nothing was taught by practice on real people. It was slides on a projector, and the clinical sites were the same boring nothing to do sites OVER and Over again. For the money I paid please consider going to another program. There's a reason they dont take Credits every other school does. $$$$$$$
  2. lvnforschool

    When is your Spring Break & what are you doing?

    Im in CA and right now we have rain! Not sunny at all Our spring break is 3/23 until 4/3
  3. lvnforschool

    School Nurse Concerns

    This topic has been a huge one for me personally. I am LVN working 7th-12th grade school about 600+ kids. I have some special needs kids that I help with daily. The other school in my district is TK-6th grade. The medical assistant has been there 12+ years. She was an EMT prior to that job. So we started out 5 years ago with a RN, but she retired soon after I started. Then last 2 years we had an excellent RN who answered calls, texts and was very hands on. She quit last summer due to she really only wanted part-time work, and we were killing her with full time requests. So we started this year with no RN District nurse. I was getting calls weekly asking me when I was going to be doing trainings for staff- NOT MY JOB! We finally hired a nurse 2 months ago, but Ive seen her really only twice. She works full-time and just doesn't have the time to do anything else.
  4. lvnforschool

    Seeking feedback on LPN School...

    Im in CALI. The reason LVN make that much is because the cost of living here in outrageous. I made $36,000 last year bring home. I work for a school so I do get benefits and my summer is paid via taking a percentage out of my monthly check to set aside for JULY-AUGUST-Sept
  5. lvnforschool

    Did you replace a school nurse?

    Yes and NO. I was the district's first LVN hire. The RN school nurse was in/out of the district working for last 15 years or so. It was a confusing time for me (being my first LVN job) and the district with me being the first LVN. I had a clear outline given to me by the district about my job details, and duties. It was pretty clear, but I did have admin challenge me my first year. Talk about scary situation. Been here going on 5 school years now.
  6. lvnforschool

    Tired of School Nursing?

    This job is not for everyone, and even though I am a social person I have learned you are alone quite a bit. I try to fill my days doing other things. I am an LVN so I take college classes online. This helps keep me busy on slow days. I honestly have days were YouTube or Netflix are my "friends" for the day. When I think about all the time off I get, Summer, easter vacation, winter break, thanksgiving, a week off in February, and Monday holidays its a total trade off im okay with. I also have retirement just building away, and for me to quit a job because its BORING, well that's just not a good enough reason.
  7. lvnforschool

    Diabetic "supplies"

    Thank you everyone for the feedback. We talked it over, and ADmin is going to deal with it, because honestly it is a discipline issue.
  8. lvnforschool

    Diabetic "supplies"

    Im not 100% sure what APP it is. All I know is that it is connected to her meter and sends alerts to her mom's phone if shes low/high. If she is away from the phone the signal is lost. So im sure there could be a fight that the phone needs to stay with her to keep the signal.
  9. lvnforschool

    Diabetic "supplies"

    Hello everyone, Need advice on this.... Student has a pump and its connected to her phone (APP) which mom also gets alerts. Our school policy is no cell phones for jr high students. She has been caught using her cell phone for social media and not checking it for her diabetic number/info. Her doctor orders and her 504 says she can use her diabetic supplies whenever. So because the phone is connected to her pump and is monitoring it can she claim the cell phone is a needed "supply" for her testing? Thank you for your help
  10. lvnforschool

    Who is your boss?

    When I got hired, I was given a job duty list, along with who I report to... My principal. The credentialed school nurse was more like an advisor. I was lucky to have the RN only really come in once a week if that, and I ran my office. It also sucked, because I had no one to really talk to about kids and what to do if ABC popped up. This year has been different because we have no RN.
  11. lvnforschool

    How to pay for Xavier School of Nursing?

    How it worked for me. The school gets your financial aid money and applies it toward your balance. They will usually get 1/2 the money for each semester. so if you are expecting 9500 / by 2 semesters thats 4750 a semester of financial year. You will not get any actual money.
  12. lvnforschool

    Is it legal for your boss to dictate where you poop?

    I work at a school and I kid you not, the vice principal was a "thing" about burping. She has told staff in the lunch room if they burp she wants you to do 20 push ups!
  13. lvnforschool

    The Nut Conundrum

    Our district went Nut free zone a couple years ago due to student allergy. Well that same student has returned to our district this time as a jr high kid, (my school). We have given her accomidations that were listed from the doctor, but the Cafeteria Manager always thinks we arent doing enough. She calls me weekly asking about different things she might try. I finally had to tell her, LADY, it's your ship to run. The principal doesn't think there's a huge need to change things, why are you even bothering me? UGGG!
  14. Ive had my fair share of being called out at the end of the day maybe 5-10 minutes before school is out to assess a kid. I always do it with a smile, and when I get home I tell everyone how annoyed I really was to check a temp on a student on a FRIDAY at 3:05 pm when school gets out at 3:10. WHY? Because never let them see you "sweat"! I always do my job at work no matter what even for the nonsense things because you just never know.
  15. lvnforschool

    PN hesi

    When I was in LVN program D&D were awesome. It's alot of info at once, but basically it sums up everthing she should of been taught in nursing school. They will help you with tips to remember certain things, and honestly I felt like I learned more with them then some of my own instructors.
  16. lvnforschool

    Male Nurse Disgusted by Female Nurses

    I recently went for a job interview in another part of my state (CA). When I first started out as an LVN, I made 23.00/hr. That was almost 5 years ago. Now this new city was over 3 hours away from my current location, and located in a upscale beach/shopping community. I was expecting to make at least $25 if not more. NO, I was offered 22/hr to start! EXCUSE ME!!!! I tried to calmly explain that I started out making more, and that was 5 years ago. She basically looked at me, and said "well, that's the starting pay"! No type of negotiation or ANYTHING. I know in my heart she didn't care because SOMEONE, would be willing to take 22/hr and my value was not even on the negotation table. It was a sad day for me as a Nurse.