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What is your current LPN salary - page 38

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    CT LPN 28.40 week day rate, 29.15 weekend rate
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    Hi I'm a Lvn in ca I currently make 24.50 but I was wondering how much can I expect to make as a Lvn in Georgia and also do you know if Gwinnett tech college is a good school to go to for Lvn to rn bridge
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    Hi what facility is that I'm moving from ca where I currently make 24.50 an hour I didn't want to take to much of pay cut 18.50 would be ok with me :-)
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    Kansas City MO, School Nurse 17.65/hour, and my first job out of school at a Dr office I was making 16.50
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    The base rate for an LPN in central jersey ranges from $20-$30 an hr depending on the facility, your experience and the shift.
    I've been an LPN for 7 yrs in Both LTC and sub acute. I work weekends only and get $35 an hr for day shift.
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    I'm an LPN case manager inNY and I make $21/hr
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    Im a new grad lpn and i make $25 an hr with benefits but non union in long island NY
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    Does anyone know the starting rate for an LPN in south MS? Thanks!
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    Drug rehab 22.00 shift differential 25.00 west palm beach