What a great time to be an LPN - page 3

I felt like writing something positive today!! 1. This poor patient today came into the Emergency room after avoiding her last three dialysis appointments. Her fistula was in her thigh with... Read More

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    Great to hear I am putting my application in for the lpn program next week, nice to hear something positive about being an lpn.
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    Im happy to see you positive atitude in your new position. See LPNs are trained to be great nurses, but as an LPN, one have to be strong and face the challenges. Regardless of what level of nursing we are, there are challenges we have to face. Patients will always question our skills and experience, most times it's just to see how confident we are in what we do. Again, "we practice medicine, we don't know medicine" but thats not to say we should be ignorant n act stupid. Once again, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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