Taking away chairs from nursing station

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    I work at a nursing home and is my night off and I just got word that administrator has taking away our chairs from the nurses station to get us to work harder. There has been lack of documentation in all units. People think he did this because a power trip. The administrator is only 24 and he is new and he's ****** a few people off. I think it gonna cause a lot of conflict but if people accept this change, it could be a positive change. I have charted standing and it's taken less time to chart. Less time charting means more time supervising and more time at patients bedside which overall will improve patient care. I totally get it but I will take some time adjusting.

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    I would encourage him to get rid of his own chair- as a sign of leadership and all.......
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    Quote from meanmaryjean
    I would encourage him to get rid of his own chair- as a sign of leadership and all.......
    ...and being just like part of the team!
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    Quote from meanmaryjean
    I would encourage him to get rid of his own chair- as a sign of leadership and all.......
    I concur! This will not make people more efficient, people will simply move their documenting to where there are chairs and/or drag chairs to the station. The first shift will be the one to suffer since management is there all shift. The ideas Admin come up with.
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    This seems to be a trend. I worked at a hospital in NY and they are doing the same. They are taking chairs away, telling the staff that they are no longer allowed to be present in the nurses station, stating that the nurse's station is for physicians and care management! They are to be documenting at the patient's bedside. Ridiculous! These are horrible working conditions that need to be reported to Department of Labor
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    I would end up seeking a different job. I can't stand on my feet for an entire 8+ hours. We all have our issues and I have problems with pain when I am standing stationary. In order to chart I would have to remain still. I feel like that is an unacceptable thing to ask of staff.
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    What the heck is wrong with people??? What is going on??? Why would you treat a bunch of professionals like this? refuse for them to sit or 12 hours? Are you kidding me???

    I am once again Gobsmacked!

    What NY facility is this?
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    I would bring my own folding chair
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    the chairs will be back before you know it
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    They have been trying to do that at my hospital, too. We can only chart at the patient's bedside, which is hard because the patient does not want us standing there, charting! We have to drag the computer into their room, plug it in (because it won't work unless plugged in!) and stand there to chart, so you are right up against their bed. Frustrating for both the patient and the nurse. The only electrical plugs are behind the beds, so you can't move farther away. The desk computers are only for the physicians and case management. It gets clumsy when the patient has visitors, or you get called away and have to take the entire computer with you. We can only get meds out for one patient at a time, all from the pyxis, and then you have to zap them to make sure it is the right med, etc. etc. So you are constantly going back and forth with the computer cart. And most of the meds won't scan. It is fast becoming a pain to just take care of your patient. I am too old to keep standing on my feet for 12 hours per day.

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