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I've been subscribed to this site for some time now and gravitate to the LPN/LVN since that is my position. I've been noticing that for quite sometime now most of the postings are related to people lamenting becoming an LPN/LVN.... Read More

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    I'm proud that I was an LPN. I became an RN so that I could move into positions reserved for RN's with a general purpose of teaching others that they are valuable. I am PROUD to have my LPN tatoo and I am PROUD that it's permanent! I hope it always reminds me that there is a need for everyone and that the letters don't equate to the person, only their actions do. As I've said in other posts, I may have RN behind my name, but I will always know my roots as a Loving, Passionate Nurse.
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    Quote from anotherone
    my only advice is that if you have the time and money might as well be an rn. at least in acute care on some units you have pretty much the same duties and pts but the pay is alot less
    Would love to but I find we don't get much credit being an RPN/LPN. I spent 2.5 years in school to get my RPN status, it is another 3 years (1 of college and 2 of university) to get my RN. The best part? A high school student can apply for their RN and get it in 4 years. Where did the 2.5 years get me?

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