Is LVN a good career choice?

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    I'm going to start a LVN program in College fall of 2013, and I was curious to know, am I making the right choice? I feel like I am, I think becoming a LVN will help me figure out better if Nursing is for me, I love helping people and I want a rewarding career. I'm kinda nervous about how hard it will be finding a job, I know hospitals aren't hiring LVN's anymore, but I don't mind AT ALL working at a clinic and what not. Any advice? Is it really THAT hard to find a job as a LVN, and do people really hate it?

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    Good for you! I am an LPN and I absolutely love it. I have been an LPN since 1990, (although I did work in other jobs than nursing for several years). As far as I'm concerned, you made an excellent decision.

    I have never wanted to be an RN, and have always been perfectly content as an LPN. Yeah, I've looked at the higher salary RNs make, but it was never worth it to me to have the headache and managerial stuff that went along with it. I've worked in hospitals (med/surg, L&D, peds, same day surgery, PACU, OR, ICU), and in physician offices (family practice, urology, cardiology). I'm trying to get into corrections nursing now, and keeping my eyes peeled for vacancies around the small TN town where I live.

    Who knows? You may be content to be an LPN, as well. I almost typed "stopping your education at LPN", but I had to backspace. My education hasn't stopped since I got my LPN license. I read journals and other materials regularly, and earn many more CEUs that I have to. As a nurse, your education never truly stops, even if your licensure doesn't change. I pride myself on learning all that I can. I'm not "just" an LPN as so many say.

    Good luck to you, whatever your decision! This mean ol' world needs lots of nurses....both LPNs and RNs.
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    Oh, and I live in middle TN, and the hospital in my small town does still hire some LPNs. You don't find them in CVICU, ICU, or ER, but the med/surg floors still use them.
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    Thank yall
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    I'm an LPN and I love it. I've worked in offices because I want my evenings/weekends/holidays off for my family. Good luck!! Oh, and you're not "just" an LPN.
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    I am an LPN and I do enjoy it. I did choose this route to see if I would like nursing. My fiirst job was in LTC, I wasnt a fan but I stayed 2.5 years. I love working in hospice and home health is not that bad. I will graduate from LPn_RN bridge program May 2013. This is allow me to do hospital work in the city. LPNs are allow in med surg in small towns. Good luck, your career is what you make it !
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    I've been a LPN since 1996 and put 16 years into LTC mostly as a MDS Coordinator and Medical Records Nurse. I recently went to work at a wound care clinic doing wound care and running hyperbaric chambers. At this point I don't believe I will ever go back to LTC, but God may tell me different later
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    Yes getting your LPN license is worth it. Getting it is not a piece of cake but through hard work you can make it. LPN salary is pretty good compare to other associate or bachelor's degree.

    Good luck.
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    I love being an LVN!! I do want to continue my career as an RN but am having diffuculties getting into programs. I hope it will happen for me this summer when I apply to a local college! I do believe becoming an LVN and CNA before that was the best thing I could do for my health care career. I believe I will truly be a better nurse in my life because I've gotten to experience these levels in my life!
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    I love being a LPN! I am set to graduate August 2013 from the LPN to RN mobility program. My time as a LPN has been awesome! I've learned so much and I feel like its definitely prepared me in becoming a RN. No regrets here, rather I am thankful and glad I did it this way. Good luck to you!
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