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andreaslick50 specializes in Home Care, Geriatrics, Mental Health.

I'm Drea, I'm currently an LVN working towards my RN. This journey has been very rough for me and i'm hoping to get into a community college's RN program applying this next summer. The spots are very limited but I feel quite qualified. The college is looking more towards a holistic view rather than grades, which is on my benefit. I have decent average grades, but my background consist of me working in Health my whole working career since 16. I started in Health/fitness, then moved into a PT aid, from their Mental health. After that I moved into becoming a licensed CNA. In that work environment (SNF) I became a CNA cordinator, Ward Clerk, and then went on to getting my LVN license. I hope all of you are very supportive of me trying to get my RN. This has been my goal for nearly 7 years, and I am fully ready to achieve this goal, but boy has it been HARD!!!

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