LPN's Are they really being phased out?

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    Some of the advisors at the college i'm attendin are saying that LPN's are being completely phased out. I was advised against the LPN program at ECPI by 2 different advisors even though my heart was set on being a nurse not a MA. Have any of you noticed that LPN's are actually being phased out? I know if I were to switch to the LPN program that I would eventually bridge over to RN. I guess what i'm asking is do you see the phasing out happening in the next couple of years? Thanks.


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    Amber, if you do a search of the allnurses site, this question has come up several times. There has ALWAYS been talk of "phasing out LPN's", and as a former LPN, that is plain fiction.

    If you want to go the LPN route, do so. Don't let others change your mind if this is the path you want to follow.


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    I really always have wanted to be a nurse, not a MA, but the advisors at my school wont help me out at all. They say I cannot transfer over to their LPN program. I believe that I should not be forced to stay in the MA program if I don't wish too. If I decide to leave the college I am at now I will have to pay money back because of the loans I took out and there are no other colleges around here that offer the LPN program, atleast not any I have come across. I have to make a decision within the next 2 weeks or I will have to pay the full price of tution $23,750 because it is a private college.My boyfriend and parents both support my decision to become a LPN, it's just the college I am fighting with right now!
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    24k for an MA program?! I'm shocked. That's more than a year's salary. That's more than I paid for my entire ADN - RN program; and I was paying 'out of state' tuition at the time.

    When I was in school, in 1991, I was told that 'LPNs would soon be phased out . . .' But, I learned that other things my instructors said were ALSO more wishful thinking than reality along the way. The difference between schooling and education is the application of your own critical analysis to what you are being taught. That, and some experience.

    And let me tell you, based on experience, that LPNs aren't going to be 'phased out'. Their roles ARE being limited somewhat over time. And that's unfortunate. But, if you plan to bridge to RN; that is a perfectly acceptable route to take.

    If you want to do the LPN thing; go for it. You're current program is an obvious rip-off. Staying there doesn't make that any less so.

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    I absolutely agree that staying in the program I am in is a waste of time and money. I have been trying to find another college that is cheaper and has a LPN program. I dont really want to have to pay some of my tuition back if I decide to leave, that is one of the reason's I've had to consider staying in the MA program. Right now I am not working and would not be able to pay back any money. $23,750 is a lot of money and even the LPN program at ECPI is around $20,000. As for them telling me I can't transfer over to their LPN program, what is that all about? I've already told them I dont care if none of my credits transfer and I have to end up paying a little more money because of it. The MA credits wont transfer for RN anyway so I'm not willing to waste my time on it. I keep asking questions and all I'm getting in response is "LPN's are being phased out and it would be in your best interest to remain in the MA program." I have a great GPA 3.8 and I think I have proven that I am intelligent enough to take the courses for LPN. I don't like what I am being taught. (Medical Office Administration, Medical Office Procedures) The worst part is none of my instructors speak english well enough to teach and my grades are suffering more and more because of it. Nothing at all is being done about it and I have talked to the head of my department many times. Sorry, I believe I just needed to vent my frustrations lol.

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    Ouch. What a bummer. If I were you, I'd finish the MA for now. I know I couldn't afford to take a $23,000 hickie. While you're working as an MA, you could be working on prerequisites for an RN program. (If that crazy school is your only option for LPN, I think I'd bypass that one.)
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    I've been looking all day for LPN programs around the area and found one at a local public school. I'm sure it wont cost anywhere near $24,000 and its supposedly accredited.The only thing I have to do is contact them and see if they have any available seats for there next classes and then see if what im hearing is true about paying back the whole tuition to ECPI. I always thought you only had to pay for as many classes as you took but we'll see after all I still have to run this by my parents because I'll need theeir help paying.
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    If the school is so insistent that LPN's will be phased out, then why do they even still have the program? I would ask them that.
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    LOL You know I wondered that myself. I have a lot of questions I plan on asking ECPI on Tuesday.
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    When I graduated with the LPN in 1985 we were told "LPNs are getting phased out" so it's been said for many years! Depends on the area of the country I think too; I HAVE seen that local hospitals don't hire them anymore but MD offices, LTC, etc continue to do so. Follow your heart as others have said!

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