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I know people have been saying for years that everyone would need a BSN and LPN's would be a thing of the past, etc. Well, so far, where I work (a large, magnet hospital) there are still many, many nurses without a BSN -but there... Read More

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    I have been an LPN for two years. I am from rural TN but have also lived near seattle washington for a while. I have never had to go more than 3 weeks without a job. I even had a job interview for a nurse internship for a dialysis center. When I worked home health, I made 2 dollars more than what a new grad RN makes starting out on the med surg floor at the local hospital .
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    Quote from realnursealso/LPN
    Sounds like yet another insulting, flaming post. Your reasoning is baseless, one hospital out of how many? LPN/LVN's ARE NOT BEING PHASED OUT! Go find some other fairytale rumor. I do high tech pediatric homecare, guess what? They do not want RN's to do my cases, because LPN's are just as capable and the rate per hour is less. Your hospital may not hire LPN's, it doesn't mean we are being wiped off the face of the earth. Please do valid research before stating things that you perceive to be true.
    You sound very angry. The OP isn't making this up actually. I recently read a news article that supports his/her statement.
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    Unfortunately at my hospital, a large teaching hospital, they are phasing out LPN's. They have given the LPN's a certain amount of time to complete their RN to keep their jobs. One of my LPN co-workers is working on her classes now to make the transition on time!
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    I gave kudos to both mizzRN and Realnursealso because while Realnursealso sounds angry she like alot of other LPNs are tired of hearing about the whole " LPNS are being phased out" I don't think the OP was trying to be hurtful but mainly stressed on LPNs being phased out of the hospitals but not as a profession as a whole. I too get tired of hearing it. I value my position as a LPN but I honestly can't wait to become a RN because sometimes you just get fed up with misconceptions about LPNs.
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    My employer has a new sneaky way of phasing out LPNs. They now offer a $800 referal bonus (paid after 100 hrs worked).
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    I am angry. If you do a search on AllNurses, you will find hundreds of threads with the same topic. I have been an LPN since 1980, and a member of AllNurses for over 10 years. I've never been without work, never had trouble finding a job in what ever area I chose. The term "phasing out", implies that LPN's are no longer going to exist. In February of 1979, when I started my LPN Program, I began to hear this fairytale. Here it is, over 30 years later, and LPN's are still here and going strong. LPN's aren't going anywhere, and it will never be a hospital that decides if our profession exists or not. Have a blessed Easter everyone.
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    I may have only been a nurse for 3 years, but I have actually only worked with an LPN one time in my hospital. The hospital I work for is a large teaching hospital and there are only 8 LPNs employed. I know this to be true because I currently am the PICU Rep for our Nurse Congress and we were just discussing this topic. Our hospital no longer hires LPNs and hasn't for many years. The LPNs that are currently employed are not being fired and are not being forced to become RNs, but they aren't being replaced. The only experience I can speak on with any authority is in the hospital. I do think LPNs have a substantial role in the healthcare system but I think we would be remisr to ignore the fact that the truth is many HOSPITALS no longer hire LPNs. But, then again not all nurses want to be hospital nurses!
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    Here are my 2 cents.

    With the aging population in the US and the increased need for home care and LTC I can't imagine that LPN's will disappear. Why would a for profit corp pay for RN's when the same work can be done by LPN's.

    Health Care is a business after all.
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    Yes this has been a rumor for many many years. It use to annoy me when I was a LPN when I heard this, now that I am a RN the rumor is "hospitals are phasing out ADN nurses and wanting BSN only." I feel like I cant win! I plan to go back for my BSN, and im sure when that happens hospitals will want MSN only, LoL! Oddly enough when I was a LPN I never had a problem getting a job, but the RN jobs seem to be harder to get - weird right? Only time will tell......
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