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My brother just finished up his LPN school a few months ago, he got hired here in the metro detroit area in MI for $26.50 starting. I am attending the same school he went to, I am half way done and... Read More

  1. by   goodgirl4u50

    I work as a private duty nurse and make 23.20 for one patient, full time, M - F 8-4....:I guess I'm pretty lucky from what I just read... I work an hr from Buffalo NY
  2. by   Ms.RN
    Maybe you should move to Michigan. The pay rate is much higher for the LVNs.
  3. by   keis1225
    Any idea of going pay rate in Georgia? I'm going to relocate there once I finish school
  4. by   Mzmeisha25
    Quote from doublezero
    I got $22 back in 1996 here in NY, now they pay me $28 as of 2009 with benefits.

    If you don't mind me asking where do you work?
  5. by   reeveslpn
    That's about what it is here in NJ. If you can find a job. lol
  6. by   nursecox2011
    I started as charge nurse on skilled unit as A LP 25.50. + 3.00 shift diff. With benign.
  7. by   dancincc
    Quote from Ms.RN
    Maybe you should move to Michigan. The pay rate is much higher for the LVNs.
    Hey Ms.RN, I am actually in the process of trying to move to MI in the next couple months and am LPN in OH. The market is tough and pay rate is low here. Have endorsement to MI already. I do peds homecare now for $15.25/hr. Any suggestions or ideas of places to apply that have higher kinds of pay rates as referenced in this thread? I have been applying to a few places, but I could use some insight from one who knows about the area and market. I will be in southeast MI, Oakland or Wayne co. Thanks for any help or input you may have.
  8. by   momof3lv
    Quote from msvegaslpn
    In las vegas i just got a lpn new grad imc position for 28.75 an hour...were a high demand area for nurses......i have fellow grads who are making similar in subacute facilities and hospice centers.
    Huh??? High demand? Most of the hospitals in vegas are getting rid of LPN's and I dont know any that are hiring LPN's in the hospital setting as of right now. Speaking as an LPN that was booted out of my cushy hospital position after 8 years. I was making 28 plus at the hospital plus night and weekend diff for per diem though. I ended up taking a clinic position for a bit of a decrease in pay. I cant speak for anywhere else in the country as I am only in vegas, but I dont think it's in demand for LPN's. But if I am mistaken please tell me where I can get a high paying hospital job again because I havent seen any in a long time.
  9. by   paris07
    Yes correct hospitals did get rid of using lpns but longterm care facilities, rehabs, and subacute centers, all still use lpns and they run those places I live in south new jersey I work in LTC/Rehab I make 28.50 I just started two weeks ago LPNs arent going anywhere in nsg facilities
  10. by   Karl Farmer
    LPN pay is dropping fast in AZ. Last I made 3 years ago in Phoenix was $26.50, but new grad RNs can be had now for $22. FL had the worst pay, I was there 2000-2004 in Clearwater, $15 an hour, but north of that county as low as $10 an hour, really. BTW- if you like fun try Pinellas County, FL nursing homes (there are about 100 of them)- you will have 20-30 patients, 20 will have central lines that LPNs take total care of, 15 feeding tubes, 10 will have pressure sores, admits/deaths/discharges, all agency staff nurses that walk out daily, etc. YIPPEE! (Stay clear of Tampa unless you're armed heavily!)
  11. by   Karl Farmer
    Interesting about Detroit- Akron, OH is like that, good pay. Lots of old people, nursing homes everywhere, hellish workload (nursing homes- I've always done that). On Easter I worked a 12 hour shift in 1989, and made $400! .There 8 nursing homes just on West Market Street- in a few mile stretch. All godforsaken, sure- but the $ was fun. Cheap housing also, if you can afford the heating bills.
  12. by   qwertyf
    I'm an LPN in the northwest burbs of Chicago. Out of school I landed a job in a busy urology office making $18/hr w/ benefits. The deductible was $2,000(!) though.

    I have been interviewing the past year and have gotten quotes from $14/hr (cheapskates!) up to $23/hr at an orthopedic office. I currently accepted a position in a plasma donation center for $25/hr and health benefits costing me a cent (!) per pay period. I think the deductible is $500. New job is a 20 mile trek (blah!!) but I plan on moving closer after a while.

    The average pay for an LPN in the area I live is probably $18/hr for a office/clinic setting, a dollar or 2 or 3 more for LTC.
  13. by   Karl Farmer
    I did plasma in the 1980's, for $6.50 an hour as an LPN in Akron, but the bennies were crazy outrageous. Back then though we rarely wore gloves, the blood was not processed at chairside, and etc. The place was covered in blood, like a slaughterhouse. It was FUN, though.