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My brother just finished up his LPN school a few months ago, he got hired here in the metro detroit area in MI for $26.50 starting. I am attending the same school he went to, I am half way done and will be graduating in 9 months... Read More

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    Quote from kmcleod
    keenay....have you found anything.

    I am sorry, nothing yet still looking. I have my ny license now. My job search just started. I am sorry to take so long to answer you. I didn't check allnurses for a long time.

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    My area, CT, the per-diem pay is around $30 and regular pay with benefits is around $24 an hour. But, the cost of living is extremely high here. This is for nursing homes. Not many hospitals hire LPN's here.
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    Quote from SPower82
    per diem in Chicago is 27 or so an hour
    I am interested.
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    Good news...your in the right profession!
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    Quote from WingsEarned21
    I made $28 and change for working a weekend program at teh hospital.That was weekend bonus for just working weekends and night shift.We also got a bonus every 3 months.If the holiday didn't fall on the weekend you didn't work it.After 5 years though the 45 min ride one way bout killed me.Northeast ohio.
    Wow....can you tell me where please? PM me if you don't want to say on the boards, that sounds so nice..................
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    I'm in Iowa, work for the state, just graduated. Starting pay $18.63, free insurance for worker and family, plus other benefits. However, I beleive this is the hightest starting pay for LPN around Iowa I have heard of.
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    I'm a new grad LPN making 22.50 an hour. This is the most money I've ever made in my life so I'm very happy.
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    what facility do your work at? I am lic pending and looking for employment
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    i make 22.66 after 2yrs of experience
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    Well, I can tell you LPN's don't get paid that here in Tennessee, anywhere. At the hospital I used to work for, the LPN's topped out somewhere around $18-19/hr. after about 15-20 years experience, and just stopped getting raises.

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