LPN phase out d/t Medicare regulations??? - page 2

Today in a meeting, my nurse manager said that d/t medicare compensation changes, the private hospitals in our area (Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals) are laying off LPNs from the bedside, that all bedside nurses would be... Read More

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    In Maine, many places are no longer hiring LPN's with the exception of companies that hire home visiting nurses. Most hospitals are not all together. I was told that they are being phased out, though the LPN school here is $39,000 and still full with students.

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    The RNs have a very powerful political lobby. Here in California they have managed to get themselves legally required in certain areas at certain numbers, leaving hospitals little choice financially. They are cutting out the middle guy (us) since they have to hire the RNs and going with RN/CNA staffing.

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