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  1. Stranded55

    I Thought I Had My Dream Job, but My Past Took It Away...

    You sound a lot like me. I too was an LVN working in corrections and I made a stupid mistake that cost me my clearance. I loved the jail, but I messed up and I'm still kicking myself for it. All I can tell you is to take it one day at a time. You are probably eligible for unemployment, since it was a mistake you made in the past and not something you did on the job, so get that. I started working in home care, which was OK. Now I work in a methadone clinic which I really enjoy. Things will get better. I try to think of the experience as the worst mistake I ever made, meaning I won't ever make another one as bad. We all mess up, some of us more than others. Now days, I take life more seriously and my work especially seriously. The important thing is your family. Love them, take care of them as best you can, and try to forgive yourself and find joy in life again.
  2. Stranded55

    Why are LPNS so underpaid and disrespected

    I have been an LVN for 26 years. While I was well paid by my union job most of those years, we were reminded of our status quite frequently. It seems to me that the trend is to phase out LVNs over time, especially in acute care. I have been looking for a post retirement position lately and it is quite discouraging to see that the pay for LVNs has not much improved since I graduated from school in 1990.
  3. Stranded55

    How to NOT interview for your RN/LPN job!

    So wearing make up is a job requirement for nurses now?
  4. Stranded55

    Mandatory Overtime

    It is legal and very common. It's just part of the job.
  5. Stranded55

    How do I stand out as a job candidate (New GPN Grad)?

    Just be sincere and enthusiastic in your interview. As a new grad they know you don't have experience, but they want someone who will be a good investment.
  6. Stranded55

    FIRED...Now what and will i ever find another job?

    Look up "employment attorney" on the internet. If they truly have no paperwork to justify firing you, you have a case.
  7. Stranded55

    I Just Lost My First LPN Job

    You didn't lose them, they lost you by treating you badly and not being supportive. Consider yourself lucky.
  8. Stranded55

    Accepted one job, but received another offer...

    Pick the one that offers the best long term benefits. The same thing happened to me when I first started out.
  9. Stranded55

    Applying for jobs without License #

    Yes, you can apply. I didn't have my license yet when I got my first LVN job. The facility will hire you provisionally and let you go if it turns out you failed the exam.
  10. Stranded55

    What makes IVP meds so scary?

    That sort of thing is generally regulated by the State, not the hospital. But generally, it's just another way the RNs guarantee their job security.
  11. Stranded55

    Lvn not IV certified in CA

    Your facility should offer you that training. As an LVN you can not give IV abx or touch central lines.
  12. Stranded55

    LPN.working in a jail

    I did it for 13 years and I loved it. Just be careful. Deputies/COs are mistrustful of medical staff and will shove you under the bus if it comes down to it.
  13. Stranded55

    Got a LVN job. I have a question about the W5 form.

    You get the least with zero. You can put any number you want on their, but when you go to do your taxes, if you owe too much you will be penalized by the IRS. If you are single, it's pretty safe to go with 1 or 2.
  14. Stranded55

    I am accused of patient of giving meds against his will.

    Did you touch the patient? I don't see how anyone can be given meds against their will unless there is some sort of physical force involved.
  15. Stranded55

    LPN phase out d/t Medicare regulations???

    The RNs have a very powerful political lobby. Here in California they have managed to get themselves legally required in certain areas at certain numbers, leaving hospitals little choice financially. They are cutting out the middle guy (us) since they have to hire the RNs and going with RN/CNA staffing.
  16. Stranded55

    what did I do wrong?

    You didn't do anything wrong. You don't want to give the impression that you are just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.