Lets get a current salary thread going for 09/10

  1. 1 Sicne most salary post are outdated on here, lets get a current thread going for those that are searching

    Knoxville area, new grad LTC $15 3-11
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    Home Health
    a dollar more an hour on weekends
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    Like the other threads about salary I think we need to have:
    Area you live
    years of expearience
    level (rn, lvn, etc)
    rate of pay


    I am a student right now
    pay: $0
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    Tulsa area, $19.25 Med/Surg. New grad. RN/BSN 7AM to 7PM.
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    Dallas-Fort Worth area, 3 years LVN experience.
    $19.50/hr base, $1-3 for night and weekend differentials for full time at rehab hospital.
    $21.50/hr base plus differential $2-4 for nights and weekends for PRN med/surg.
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    New grad July- $21 first shift, $24 second shift, $27 third shift, PRN no benefits, Florida
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    In my area in Georgia LPN's start out from $15-19/hr in LTC. I just started out at a LTC facility for $18/hr PRN, but I am discovering that is probably because their turnover is high due to unsavory practices and they are hoping the higher rate will encourage retention.
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    Massachusetts, New grad, $25 hr for 8-4pm, full benefits.
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    Michigan, LPN, new grad 5/09.
    LTC subacute/rehab, hired 8/09.
    $16.06/hr plus $2 differential for 2nd shift.
    Full time (32 hrs/week) with benefits.
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    San Antonio, TX
    home health, been an LVN for 2 years.
    $20 an hour/ no benefits at all! currently looking for new job
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    Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas
    Almost 4 years of experience as an LVN
    $26 hourly at a nursing home that is in deep trouble with the state
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    San Francisco Bay area, ICU
    starting salary for new grad: $32/hr (before you ask, No, not hiring)
    4 yrs experience with rapid advancement: $50/hr
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    NY state rural area work in an IRA house for 12 medically frail mentally challenged...16/hr,with awsome state benefits..this is the highest paying LPN job you can find around my area....hospitals start you out at 12....
    1/2yr experience

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