Jobs: How soon did you find one after graduation??

  1. I was wondering how soon after graduation did you find a job? Did you wait until you passed your NCLEX-PN before searching? Was anyone offered a job before graduating? And also how long does the registration process for the NCLEX take if anyone knows, or does it vary?
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  3. by   vernRN
    I was offered a position, where I did my practicum for the last semester of Nursing School. The offer was extended about a month before I took my NCLEX.
  4. by   momtojosh
    i had 3 job offers before graduating.....i took a state job before i took the nclex....very happy where i am
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I waited until I had a temporary license in my possession before searching for employment, because I wanted no hiring manager to reject me due to not having a license. I found a job the day after I received my temporary license in the mail.
  6. by   systoly
    I was asked to interview at a facility where one of my classmates worked as a CNA. I accepted and started work as soon as I had my temp license. Not only did I end up working there for 3 years, I also met my wife there.
  7. by   mume2mykidz
    I graduated in September,november passed nclex and still have no job after over 30 applications,everyone wants 1-2 years experience and this is in LTC before anyone starts telling me to look into LTC!!I am in NJ so not sure what is going on here but my school dumps out 60 new LPN's every 3 months!!!this is truly a mess....I was told by someone that works in LTC that the DON's are not even looking at new applicants,,,22,000 in school debt and so discouraged...
  8. by   angie38
    I just graduated in Dec. 2008 and I have had 3 job offers. I have accepted one and I will test for my NCLEX Jan 29th. So there is hope out there.
  9. by   jive shaman
    I've had my License for 3 months and after filling out numerous apps and making tons on phone calls I still have no job. It's very discouraging especially since my loans payments start in less than 60 days.
  10. by   missi30
    I found a job 2 months after I recieved my license, those 2 months were pure hell because my bills were mounting.
  11. by   joni55
    I am a new LPN as of Dec 2009. I applied before I took my NCLEX to a assisted living facility and they called me back about 3 weeks ago to see if I had gotten a license. I am in training for 2 more days. It only pays 16.00 hour but I am sticking with it as long as I can because I hear there aren't many jobs out there for LPN's right now. I am in NE Ohio. I am responsible for 73 residents: pouring meds, med pass, charting and assessing falls, bandaging wounds, calling Drs, filling orders, admissions, Blood Sugars and insulin, speaking with POA's, etc etc. 6 aids. I practically ran all night to keep up last night-supposed to leave by 11 (second shift-no differential) stayed till 1 am. It is really hard and not what I thought nursing would be like. I mainly pass meds and no time for getting to know the residents ( I work on the dementia side). I realize you have to pay your dues, but I don't like putting my license on the line. I continue to apply elsewhere, and use the time I have here for experience. Good luck in your job search eveyone!!
  12. by   luvbug
    I graduated in July, but had just had a baby so I didn't take my boards until the end of November. I had a job by the beginning of January. I didn't really want to try applying until I had my license in hand because I didn't want another person who was already licensed to have the upper hand if they applied for the same job.