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  1. LPN_thts_M3

    Pass NCLEX...now job hunting w/o license

    Thankx for the replies..my license was available on the web today and I got a call back...yay:yeah:. ...surprised it happened so quickly. Was expecting to have to wait weeks and weeks for a call back but I hope I get it. And congrats to you student4lyf...
  2. LPN_thts_M3

    Pass NCLEX...now job hunting w/o license

    Any advice on finding a job without my license? What should I tell employers and what should I put on my resume?? Found out Saturday I passed NCLEX now I am ready to jump head first into job hunting but I dont know where to begin considering my license wont be coming thru the mail for a few weeks. How did you get your first job or go about searching?? I already work at a rehab facility as a nurse tech so I could begin work there but I would like to keep that PRN for the time being. Really would appreciate the help/insight/advice. Thanks a mill:D
  3. LPN_thts_M3

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I went thru the registering process and I got a pop up that said this candidate has an open registration new registration cannot be created at this time......PLEASe tell me thats a good sign my stomach is in knots. I felt the usual way afterward....like I totally failed. Got so many SATA:mad:...sigh cant wait til I can do the quick results. This waiting is agony.
  4. LPN_thts_M3

    Get enough sleep the night before NCLEX

    ...........easier said than done:rolleyes:. I am wired. Wide awake feel like I've drank 10 cups of coffee. lol. I am tryin all I can to fall asleep. Layin in the dark, reading, listening to music nothin!!! I am a nervous wreck and sleep is no where in sight.
  5. LPN_thts_M3

    Am I doing enough?

    Saunders is a great book for content...it breaks it down into body systems, pharmacology for each system, peds and maternity. It comes with a CD so you can continue the questions related to the content:up:
  6. LPN_thts_M3

    4 days until NCLEX-PN

    Cant believe I am finally taking this test...My emotions are all over the place. I have been studying nonstop and getting pretty burnt out but I dont want to stop because I dont want to feel like I didnt do enough...(sigh). I am doin really well with Saunders and Kaplans questions but I have this feelin that my NCLEX questions will be 10 times harder. Like I answer some questions and think these are pretty simple there is no way the NCLEX will have questions that simple. I have a hard time balancing study and play cuz when I'm not studying I feel like I am wasting time and should be studying...oh how I am just so ready to take this exam and get it over with.
  7. LPN_thts_M3


    I work at a rehab hospital and 2 of the case managers are LPNs. That could be something to look into.
  8. LPN_thts_M3

    Afraid as a new nurse

    I have always wanted to be a nurse but up until now I never thought about all of the things it takes to be a nurse. I take my boards next month and am working as a tech at a rehab hospital. I see the amount of paperwork they have to do, the watchful eyes they have and the interactions that they have with the docs and other healthcare workers. and it scares me. (They call me the quiet one:rolleyes:) Getting a wee bit nervous about beginning my career as a nurse. I know now that's what comes with the territory but reality hadn't set in til recently and I was just telling my BF that I could be workin as a nurse by Thanksgiving:eek:. As a tech we have to do minimal paperwork and sometimes I barely get that done and out the door by 6pm. I am afraid that I may not be competent enough, that I will be too slow, or that I wont pick up on things. Normally I pick up on things fairly quickly but this is nursing and I want to be extra careful. IDK maybe I am being too paranoid?? Anyone else feel this way? Would love to hear from those who have already gotten their feet wet. How did you feel starting out?
  9. LPN_thts_M3

    Chatt State LPN Summer 10' grads

    Anyone received their ATT yet??? I actually graduated awhile ago but due to outside circumstances was unable to pay for my license until recently. I am pretty sure they mailed my stuff off with the graduating class. Really anxious and I check my email daily.
  10. LPN_thts_M3

    Chattanooga State LPN program

    Oh you will definitely be there but they would sit you in another class or area to "study". They rarely let you just not show up for any reason. Hold the days cuz come last semester:rotfl: well you remember senior-itis??....you didnt hear that from me tho:D
  11. LPN_thts_M3

    Chattanooga State LPN program

    You know what they told us to bring all our books the first day so I lugged close to 20 books and I am telling you it was UNNECCESSARY. Be careful with that bundle because their are books you might not need in there. Some folks were highly upset when they decided to buy books ahead of time and found out later they couldnt buy the disc separately. You will have to do ALOT of reading indeed. Oh and remember that ebook does not correspond to all your books. Oh and if it hasnt changed if you dont have to take A&P you will not have to sit in the classroom. Dont waste your money. You wont be tested on it so there is no need to follow along unless you really want to. The year was such a blur. I don't even know where to start. Just go in ready to go cause' they hit the ground running. The end of my first semester I counted up 50....50 TEST and QUIZZES. This mind you may vary. Good Luck and don't worry so much about your books they will definitely inform you on day 1.
  12. LPN_thts_M3

    Funny things you have said but wish you didn't

  13. LPN_thts_M3

    Share Your Funniest Patient Stories...

    When I was LPN school I did one of my clinical rotations in a Wound Center. Alot of the pts were those with necrosis on their feet and legs from diabetes. Well this one particular day a gentleman came in for tx of his leg. He had bandages over the bottom half of his leg. Well I volunteered to cut the bandage off. Now as a student I was always nervous of being too rough and he could see that all over my face. I get halfway down his leg when he lets out the loudest scream that scared the holy $%^ out of me. I jumped back, scissors dangling from his leg and said OMG I am soooo sorry:eek:....he then looks me dead in my face and busted out laughing. I didnt hurt him at all:no: He said that he could tell I was nervous and he was just trying to loosen me up...So not funny at the time but he got a laugh out of me and when I returned to class that Monday of course the whole class had heard and thought it was the funniest thing ever invented:rotfl::rotfl:
  14. LPN_thts_M3

    Chattanooga State LPN program

    I just graduated in August and the books change alot. The CD that your are referring to can only be bought and you have to buy a bundle of books because the CD is only for certain books. I kno you want to get yor books early but it might be best to wait so you can determine books you dont actually need, i.e A&P or books you wont need til 2nd semester.
  15. LPN_thts_M3

    Scared about boards

    Hi I graduated from my LPN program this past August. At the time and still now I been struggling with finances and havent been able to pay for my registration and all and its scaring the crap outta me that its taking so long for me to take boards. I remember our Dean constantly telling us the longer we wait to take our boards the chance of us passing declines. I still go over notes and I do NCLEX review questions and I still recall alot of information. I kno its possible to pass but my confidence is dropping. I will be able to pay for everything next month but I just need a little encouragement. Has anyone or anyone you kno waited a lil longer to take boards and still passed? Thanx for any input:redbeathe