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Afraid as a new nurse


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I have always wanted to be a nurse but up until now I never thought about all of the things it takes to be a nurse. I take my boards next month and am working as a tech at a rehab hospital. I see the amount of paperwork they have to do, the watchful eyes they have and the interactions that they have with the docs and other healthcare workers. and it scares me. (They call me the quiet one:rolleyes:) Getting a wee bit nervous about beginning my career as a nurse. I know now that's what comes with the territory but reality hadn't set in til recently and I was just telling my BF that I could be workin as a nurse by Thanksgiving:eek:.

As a tech we have to do minimal paperwork and sometimes I barely get that done and out the door by 6pm. I am afraid that I may not be competent enough, that I will be too slow, or that I wont pick up on things. Normally I pick up on things fairly quickly but this is nursing and I want to be extra careful.

IDK maybe I am being too paranoid?? Anyone else feel this way? Would love to hear from those who have already gotten their feet wet. How did you feel starting out?


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Just breathe, I have been nursing about a year. I worked as a cna first and remember thinking how much stuff the nurses seemed to have. I was also shy and quiet at my job. For me it took a couple of months to feel confident but you will. Once you realize that you know what you're doing ;) also while the tech is doing vs and bb, you are doing paperwork, it is a team effort :)

I think every new nurse feels at least somewhat overwhelmed, but you can do it!


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There isn't a nurse in the world who hasn't felt like you do at the beginning of their career. Remember that this profession is lifelong learning meaning every single shift, every single patient, every single decision you make is going to mold you into the best nurse you can be.

You can't be expected to know everything, even nurses with 30+ years under their belt don't know everything. But you will grow, and learn and reinvent yourself 100x over before you retire, and that's the way it should be. Relax, and enjoy the journey, because it really is an incredibly rewarding profession.

I've been a nurse for 3 months. 3 MONTHS! and i have already reinvented myself 100X over. I was also the quiet type until i began nursing as a licensed professional. I LOVE what i do and even with only three months under my belt i don't have a problem talking with doctors or family. I love to talk and teach residents/patients. I enjoy being a team leader and a go-to gal. If you were called to do this work, everything comes so natural: the watchful eye, the pindrop hearing, the intuition/gut feelings. The biggest advice i can offer is to ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS! I am constantly learning because i am constantly looking information up or asking a more experienced nurse. And believe it or not, my co-workers have been more accepting of me because they see my passion for this profession! which further boosts my confidence (and eagerness) as a competent nurse.

but you're feelings are very normal. and good luck with boards and your first job!