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shortscrubbs108 has 2 years experience and specializes in Pulmonology Clinic.

I love nursing!

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  1. shortscrubbs108

    2nd Interview

    in my experience it usually means they narrowing it down, but I do not know the company. Good luck!
  2. shortscrubbs108

    Student Nurse Wanting More Information on Clinic Nursing

    I agree with much of the above. I work in pulmonology so I have become very familiar with inhalers and other commonly prescribed meds there but they provide us with updated drug books for reference. I give alot of flu and pneumonia shots on a daily basis and once in a while something different, had to give one patient rocephin IM 3 days in a row (that was interesting) I also perform the occasional EKG. Much of my time is also spent on the phone, sometimes I get frustrated and it feels like a waste of time, but I have one guy who reminds me every time I talk to him that I saved his life by convincing him to go to the Er when he was having chest pain and shortness of breath (bit of an over statement, but point is sometimes they just need someone to tell them what they need to hear) I started in the clinic as a GPN. I don't regret working not working in a hospital or LTC. It is a bit different as I am an LPN, but we do have RNs, they don't make half what they would in the hospital, but all of them have told me the hours and atmosphere more than make up for it. As for being community oriented, my clinic is part of a larger health system in the area and together we do alot of community programs, education, charity drives etc. I hope that helps, I love clinic nursing! It can be challenging, but I find it very rewarding and love the relationship I have developed with many of my patients and coworkers.
  3. shortscrubbs108

    LPN's who are going on for their RN ...

    I am working on my last pre-reqs for RN. It is not about the money for me either. I just want to expand my knowledge and skills. Hopefully I can stay at the clinic where I work now, which does not pay much (lpn or rn) but its a great place to work. My goal when I started college was to get my rn, and lpn first was the best way for me to go.
  4. shortscrubbs108

    Getting rid of LPNs??

    It really depends on your area, here the hospitals are phasing out LPNs. I am going back to RN school and I will have many more options afterwards. I do job searching frequently and for LPNs here, options are office or LTC. I like my office job, but will neve advance as an LPN. Good luck
  5. shortscrubbs108

    Pediatric patient- home nurse situations!?

    Couldn't it be a problem when people are afraid to admit to a mistake??? I don't think we should pander to poor behavior, but when someone does have a problem we should not just judge them and say well, too bad you shouldn't have screwed up in the first place. Yes, nurses should be professional, but I don't think being understanding is as big of a problem as creating an environment where people are too afraid to come forward with their mistakes.
  6. shortscrubbs108

    Weird call from Dad

    Thanks for the replies, I'm not leaving my current company, I am just going to stay on with both until I find out more. I really thought this seemed weird. I have not had any problems or complaints so I will just see what happens I guess.
  7. shortscrubbs108

    Weird call from Dad

    Just wondering if anyone has had something like this happen: I was driving to work (my f/t job in a clinic) when the father of the ped patient I see on weekends called me on my cell phone. He asked if I had heard about what was going on at the company, I said "uh...no" he went on to say that apparently there has been some "bad stuff" going on and that my nursing supervisor and several other admin workers are leaving and creating their own company. He said that they are going to switch to them once everything is worked out and the patient's other nurses are going to give their two weeks notice and switch also in order to keep the patient. He said it was up to me but they really didn't want to lose me, I said that I absolutly want to keep them (I just love this patient and the family is awesome) and he said he would have my supervisor call me. Later on that day she did call me and yes they are creating a new company just hadn't made it down the list of employees yet, and she could meet me and fill out paperwork and so on. This all happened so fast that it took me a little bit to realize how strange it is that the patient's father called me about this! Has this happened to any of you???
  8. shortscrubbs108

    New to Ambulatory Clinic

    When I first started in my clinic (granted it is a speciatly area) there were things I had no idea about, but luckily anything I wasn't comfortable with another nurse would show me and even the doctor would explain to me what exactly he expects, as each providers has a certain way they like things. Good luck!
  9. shortscrubbs108

    Advice needed: 2nd chance....is it possible?

    Is there any sort of telehealth postition you could get? Perhaps if you weren't dealing directly with patient care they would be more open to it.
  10. shortscrubbs108

    Pediatric patient- home nurse situations!?

    I have to say, I agree with systoly, yes this nurse was in the wrong as well as the father, but really, you needn't be so harsh about it. She saught advice and she came to her senses. And as she said hopefully if you ever make a mistake, you will be judged less harshly and find some support for correcting the situation.
  11. shortscrubbs108

    what experience is needed for a LPN?

    This was my experience, I worked as a cna while going to lpn school, then stayed there after getting my license which started me out about $1.00/hr more than I would have. But I am still at the bottom of the totem pole as far as benefits and everything goes ;-)
  12. shortscrubbs108

    worth it to get my RN?

    Thank you everyone for the replies and advice. I talked with my supervisor (who I also adore btw) and she said that even if there wasn't an Rn opening in the clinic, I could still keep my current position. She was very encouraging about going on and even reminded me about tuition reimbursement programs :) So I have made up my mind! It may take a while, but I will get it.
  13. shortscrubbs108

    cna or lpn

    While in lpn school, my CNA experience helped immensely during fundamentals, which was when I was still extremely nervous anyway! I would never call cna class a waste of time. You may need a way to earn money while in school. And more importantly, you will develope your patient care skills. I think being an aide first changed my perspective as a nurse, I will never think I am above the less fun aspects of nursing. you should decide what will be best for you, but I am very glad I was a CNA first.
  14. shortscrubbs108

    New Grad LPN NO training!!!!!!

    I don't know what the job market is like in your area, but I would not stay in a place where I was uncomfortable. My opinion is to stick it out while searching for a different job. As a new grad I was lucky enough to get a clinic position which imho is the best!
  15. shortscrubbs108

    leaving office for ltc

    Thanks for the idea...they don't have very many openings for RN's in this clinic, but there are a few in OB and IV infusion.
  16. shortscrubbs108

    Ashland, MO LPNs?

    Just caught up on this post, and would like to give some input. I live in Southwest MO and it is a wonderful place to live and work. I work in a clinic and the pay is about $11-12/hr., but I live in a smaller town and I pay my bills and have some play money. Yes there are drug problems, but on the whole I think this is great place!