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  1. joni55

    Jobs: How soon did you find one after graduation??

    I am a new LPN as of Dec 2009. I applied before I took my NCLEX to a assisted living facility and they called me back about 3 weeks ago to see if I had gotten a license. I am in training for 2 more days. It only pays 16.00 hour but I am sticking with it as long as I can because I hear there aren't many jobs out there for LPN's right now. I am in NE Ohio. I am responsible for 73 residents: pouring meds, med pass, charting and assessing falls, bandaging wounds, calling Drs, filling orders, admissions, Blood Sugars and insulin, speaking with POA's, etc etc. 6 aids. I practically ran all night to keep up last night-supposed to leave by 11 (second shift-no differential) stayed till 1 am. It is really hard and not what I thought nursing would be like. I mainly pass meds and no time for getting to know the residents ( I work on the dementia side). I realize you have to pay your dues, but I don't like putting my license on the line. I continue to apply elsewhere, and use the time I have here for experience. Good luck in your job search eveyone!!
  2. joni55

    New LPN =]

    congratulations!!!! i
  3. joni55

    Difference b/t LTC and Assisted Living?

    I am a new nurse in an asissted living facility (LPN) I work on the dementia side with 73 patients. I am the only nurse with 6 caregivers. I pass all meds, do charting, Dr orders, answer calls, assessments when someone falls, etc. Is this unsafe? I practically run all night and forget things. I can't seem to get it all done, especially like last night when 2 people fell back to back, one with a skin tear to bandage. I them call the Dr and the POA. I am not happy here so far with only a few days under my belt. Please respond any info will help.
  4. joni55

    Migraines and the night shift

    I am a new LPN and have just completed orientation on the night shift-worked only 3 nights and I know it isn't for me-I was completely in a "zombie" like state during the day-I realize it was only 3 nights, but am not willing to "try" to get adjusted because I don't want to have to sleep during the day always. I get up depressed and don't know what day it is. My oldest son, who is a pilot for a major airlines, turned down overseas filghts a few years ago, even tho it paid more, he said the jet lag ( ie:night shift) isn't worth his health. He told me studies have been conducted with proof that the brain shrinks in people working these type of shifts. I will never do it again.
  5. joni55

    Help new grad make career decision

    Hi Although I am not in your poition, I too haven't slept for several days due to starting a new job. I am an LPN, recent graduate, and an ALF hired me to orient to work on 2nd shift. After 2 days, the DON said the girl training me said I was too slow pouring meds! She didn't tell the DON that I was pouring for someone else and for 3 days (which is wrong, but she was trying to make me look bad by covering for herself). I continued to orient and 3 days later they offered me a poition on nights 11p to 7:30a-said it would be a "better fit" I am brand new to all of this and what was supposed to be exciting has become very depressing. I didn't realize the amount of backstabbing out there. So tonight I start orienting on nights for 3 days-we'll see how it goes. Good luck to you.
  6. joni55

    Career change at 54 to Nursing?

    Hi I am a 58 year old new LPN grad (August 08).. I needed a new career fast because previous job didn't pay well enough to support my self and two teens after a divorce. I was scared at first but did very well in school and was pleasantly surprised because I never considered myself a "good" student. My maturity and life experiences did wonders for me. I found school to be a challenge and I was up for it ! My scores on tests became my "paycheck" and I found myself studying even harder for the next one. I am now an LPN and may become RN-first I want to get this job thing underway-just started new job at ALF and still in orientation-that's another story! Good luck. You can do it!
  7. joni55

    december nclex supporters

    Congratulations Rooftop!!!!!!!you Did It You Are A Nurse!!!
  8. joni55

    december nclex supporters

    I took and passed the nclexpn on dec 3 2008!
  9. joni55

    december nclex supporters

    good luck-you can do it-remember-critical thinking-think as a nurse!!!
  10. joni55

    december nclex supporters

    Congratulations Nurse!!
  11. joni55

    december nclex supporters

    You will PASS!! Take your time-think each question through, and use critical thinking - you can do this!!! You will be a nurse by Christmas
  12. joni55

    Nothing is impossible with GOD! my Nclex experience

    :heartbeatcongratulations nurse!!!!
  13. joni55

    Failed NCLEX-PN 2x =(

    I'm sorry-but you will pass the next time!! Just remember to take one question at a time and use critical thinking-the test is intimidating-don't let it scare you. YOU CAN DO IT!! I used Saunders also and studied evey day several times a day-over (take lots of breaks, tho)and over-and although the NCLEX is set up differently, studying helps to train your brain to answer questions in the way they need to be answered. GOOD LUCK!!
  14. joni55

    just passed NCLEX and scared to go out there

    Thankyou for your words of much needed encouragement. I too, have been relentlessly applying for jobs, but most before I took my exam, with no response. Now that I have an official Licence number I think my resume will receive more attention. Good luck on your new position!! There are so many "hurdles" to this process of fullfilling our nursing dreams! Getting into school, exam after exam, clinicals, NCLEX and then finding a job. If we made it this far we can go all the way, and although it was hard work, it is very exciting-we are always challenged, which is a good thing.
  15. joni55

    NCLEX questions...

    Thankyou!! I studies saunders edition 3 ALOT-and although the questions on NCLEX were presented in different way, I believed that helped as I passed 1st time with 85 q's. Good luck you will do it too! Just relax and think about each question as it comes-critical thinking
  16. joni55

    NCLEX questions...

    hi and thankyou! I used saunders edition 3 for study although I didn't find the questions to be as they were presented in the book. But I suppose that helped because I did pass on the first try with 85 good luck to you all. you will pass.