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A little backstory. I am a single mom of three angels. We live in government housing I'm working as a cna until I take nclex. We are always one paycheck from being homeless and wi th out. I went back... Read More

  1. by   OnlybyHisgraceRN
    Becoming a LPN changed my life completly. I was able to make triple what I made working retail and other jobs. Being a LPN well prepared me for RN school.

    I'm so proud of you and you should be proud of yourself.
    I can not imagine going to LPN school with three children and being a single parent. You are an inspiration!
  2. by   futurenurseOB
    Awww you guys are sweet. I was actually pregnant throughout school with my last and had NO car. I was on the bus. I figure if I got through that, I can indeed get through anything. Thank you sooo much.
  3. by   MedChica
    1. Oh, you're not alone. Many in my class had similar hardships. They took buses, birthed babies, had laid off spouses, on the system, etc... One classmate was living in her car. As far as I know, they passed NCLEX. We live in a state with cities that do have a demand for nurses. (sent you a pm).
    IMO, the social classes really aren't THAT fluid. Sure, if you're smack dab in the 'midddle'. You have options. But...the further you are down that ladder? The harder the climb out of 'the bottom'.
    You definitely need to be proud of yourself. You're teaching your children a series of powerful lessons, too.
    Work ethic

    2. Nursing school is the hard part. You'll pass NCLEX, I'm sure. No matter what you read on this site? It's not rocket science....

    3. You're on the RN path? Yeah....that's the headache that I'm dealing with right now. Indecision 2012. LOL
    I wish there were fewer options. LOL Well, look into LVN-BSN programs. We've a few here in Texas:
    - UT Tyler
    - Prairie View A&M (hbcu)
    - Wayland Baptist (private but more affordable than most)
    Some are online. We've a few ADN-BSN paths, too. Online as well.

    4. Becoming a nurse didn't really change my life. I took a paycut to be a nurse. I did xray/ct/management, beforehand. Left the hospital to go back to school. Decided that I wanted to become a nurse. Got waitlisted on the ADN route. Went vocational...and here I am.
    However, as many have stated? It feels good to be self-sufficient. To have that cushion.
    Of course, you won't be rich...but it's all relative, really. I personally know of 1 high-earner who whines about having trouble living on $100,000+/year salaries. "It's not as much as some think it is...."
    Really? I said, "What the hell are you spending your money on?" Sure, it'd be a problem if they lived in California or NY. But...they live in TEXAS! Stop it. LOL
    You can go 'head and blame ****-poor money management/consumption habits for that one, FUTURENURSEOB. LOL
    Granted, $100,000/per year is not what it used to There's no reason why an individual can't make do with that kind of income, though.
    On the other hand - I can live VERY comfortably on just $50,000/year. I don't live like a pauper. I like designer handbags and shoes and clothes and my facials and manicures and 'lashes'...just like any other woman. The difference? I have no children, yet. The home in which I stay is owned (family property). I own my car. I do save lots.

    The increase in salary is bound to improve your life. Money is a 'tool'...that grants 'options'.
  4. by   futurenurseOB
    MedChica, you've made some interesting points. I can live comfortably on $50, 000.00 a year as well. I'm very frugal and try to only spend money when absolutely necessary. As a matter of fact, I haven't treated myself to a manicure or anything since I finished lpn school. My treat was a job as a cna. Lol. I live below my means in order to try and save money and it depressing because my bank currently reads $0.00. That's a lot of 0's right. Lol. If u haven't noticed, I laugh to keep f rom crying.
    P.s. how do you begin to save money when u barely make enough for the basics...... I would love to know

    Thanks. I love you all
  5. by   Tflowers34907
    Girl you are my shero! For some it is easy to just lay down and wallow in self-pity or resign themselves to staying in their current situation. I too am hoping to be starting LPN school soon. When I got laid off I lost my home, my car, and my dignity for a while... The simple thought of getting in and making it to get my licensure and a job gives me life. Just keep pushing because the only place you have to go is up! Stick with your plan and I can't see it not working out in your favor. Best of luck to you and I will be praying for you and yours.
  6. by   futurenurseOB
    Thanks tflowers. I can't pity myself although at times I will like to. But my children are my motivation. I HAVE to make it, for their sakes
  7. by   pnkgirl25
    You inspire me. I'm going through a divorce right now and am now a single mom. Every day is a struggle but I keep telling myself I can push though it. Being a single mom sucks but I look at it this way, being in a relationship that I HATED was worse. My marriage was four years, my nursing program is only 10 months.....yeah I'll take 10 month of hell over another 4 years any day! Sign me up lol. If I have to live in my car for the next 10 months its a small price to pay to be free, and standing on my own two feet.

    Good luck
  8. by   brown eyed girl
    Quote from futurenurseOB
    A little backstory. I am a single mom of three angels. We live in government housing I'm working as a cna until I take nclex. We are always one paycheck from being homeless and wi th out. I went back to school for my lpn to help with income. I'm barely making $500 biweekly and considering a second job to help make ends meet until I pass nclex (hopefully soon). I'm just curious. How did becoming a lpn change your life. Single moms, married moms. Dads too. I really need some inspiration. I'm sick of crying over the bills as my children sleep. I know I won't become rich but two jobs as a cna will equal one job as a lpn. I'm even planning on getting two jobs as a lpn to help with expenses and to help us move out of this hellish ghetto. Someone please help me
    First of all CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ON YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENT! Next, Take that NCLEX-PN and pass! When you sit in front of that computer alone, take your time and ACT LIKE EVERYTHING YOU'RE GOING THROUGH IS RIDING ON A PASS! Once, you get that paper, GO GET THAT PAPER! It will get better honey! I used to get those food stamps, Medicaid, and section 8 too! So I know how it is; and I just had one child. You will see how things change real quick as soon as you get that first job and get that first check, especially if you're still in your lease at the apt in the hood. That rent will quickly rise to "market rate" and it wont even be worth it; which will motivate you to get the h*ll on! When you report that you have a job, give your title and pay, human services will cut your a** off quick fast! Even while your waiting on the LONG 90 days until the health insurance kicks in. Your income taxes will be half of what you currently take home now! The people around you will "change." People will start to want to "borrow" any and everything from you and most likely not wanna give it back because they feel "you got it" and you won't be set back by it cause you got that "good job" as a nurse. Keep your head up love, IT WILL CHANGE AND GET BETTER SOONER THAN LATER! I PROMISE! PM if necessary.
  9. by   pat8585
    Your story is so inspiring! How did nursing change my life? well, I am an LPN. I got an LPN job just 10 days after passing NCLEX!
    I got promoted without hardly trying! For the first time in my life, I had benefits and a decent salary! I hope to go back for my RN soon, but right now I enjoy making money and not having homework! Best of luck to you and stay focused! Time is gonna pass regardless, might as well be working towards your RN degree!
  10. by   onyx33us
    Great Job lady, Im truely touched by your story, and proud of you for your fighting spirit. To give you a little light to your question, I was a CNA for 4 yrs with some OT before I become an LPN. When I passed my NCLEX, my life and taste changed. Now pay attention here, LOL as a male nurse working with women, I faced jealousy, plenty of temptations with dates, relationships and everything you could think of, if you are going to work in the same facility you have worked as CNA, you are going to face a lot of enemities, envy from fellow CNAs, Guys will be offering you marriage even when they don't know your name lol (REAL WORLD) I know couple of nurses that fell for it.
    The work load will be alot lighter than doing doubles as a CNA but I think you should start off with one LPN job, get comfortable and know your left and right because there is a huge difference between CNA & LPN, then you can get a second job where you can sell yourself during your interview and make possibly more. Once again, Good Luck!!!!!
  11. by   akanini
    OP, I applaud you. LPN opened up many doors for me. So much that I went for my RN. I love nursing, just don't like the politics of some organizations. Lol
  12. by   libran1984
    Being an LPN gave me so many positive things in my life such as a career I have an immense passion for and a healthy annual salary to live on.

    The negative side, I am constantly burdened by a self-imposed inferiority complex, "I'll never be as good as my RN counterparts" due to a lack of autonomy; in addition to 2 failed attempts to gain acceptance to an LPN-RN transition program... here's hoping the third time is the charm!
  13. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    First off I would like to say congrats hun your story has really touched me and I am so proud of you. I myself receive cash, food stamps, and medicaid through public assistance as well and I can not wait until the day I am able to tell welfare to kiss my a**, be able to afford a nice house, car, take my children on vacation, and live comfortable on my own without having to depend on anyone and or public assistance. Im not struggling because I live with both of my parents and they help me out a lot but Ive had a few minor ups and downs no biggie though. Congrats again honey and make sure you keep going for your RN