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    Do you feel that earning your degree as a Licensed Practical Nurse is an accomplishment?? I am 22 years old and someday want to continue on, but not at this moment...

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    I am 22 as well and will be graduating from vocational nursing school in 3 WEEKS!!! I am so excited and YES, I do see it as an accomplishment. I have worked my butt off for the past year to get my 4.0 gpa and to learn the skills and knowledge to be a nurse. I have many RNs at work as insultingly "why didn't you just get your RN?" and my reply is that "I needed a job now, not 3-4 years from now, and I enjoy the work LVNs to." Its just annoying to be put down for a career choice that we made and made for a reason. Getting any sort of degree/diploma is an accomplishment. Be proud of yourself!!!
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    Any time you set a goal for yourself and acheive it--- it is an accomplishment! Don't buy into other people's negativity. Think about it for a sec- do you really care what someone who has the audacity to make an insulting, snide remark about someone she barely knows thinks?

    Also keep in mind that not everyone who brings up the RN question is meaning to put you down. Sometimes they are genuinely curious about your career path. And there are plenty of RNs who appreciate LVNs and LPNs, too. They will judge you by how good you are at your job, not your title.

    Be proud of your hard work!!! .
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    I was going to say this long explanation about what I think. I read nurse156 comment, I agree 100%. I am in my second career. Having been a technician, service manager, store manager, with some of the largest companies in the world. Goodyear, 56 largest. Dealerships. Anyway, the point that I am trying to make is that yes it is an accomplishment. Not only that, but you will be the one that is the doctors eyes, the one making many decisions that involve peoples lives, up to death. So please, take nursing seriously, I am sure that you do. Know that your job is a very serious job, RN's, yes in ICU, especially need special training. But I work as an LVN, right along with RN's in med surge, and LTC's. At your age, continue your education. I am sure you will do just fine.
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    I certainly hope it is! I'll be done with mine in August and have spent the last nine months working hard. I plan to continue on and get my RN after passing boards and landing a job as an LPN. I needed a decent paying job sooner rather than later. My husband lost his good job two years ago and we have two kids to support. I don't know how I'll manage full time work, school, and the busy schedule my kids keep. I didn't know how I'd make it this far either but here I am.

    Congrats to you! You should be proud! Don't listen to ANYONE that tells you different.
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    Most Definitely it is an accomplishment. I'm not even a Nurse yet and I feel it would be an accomplishment. I plan to go straight for my RN though, but LPN is an accomplishment none the less. Nursing is not an easy field, contrary to popular belief. Heck, there are even some things that make being a CNA hard. Whatever you've got be proud of what you do. Know that you are doing what so many don't have the "guts" to even try.
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    Quote from believeallispossible
    Do you feel that earning your degree as a Licensed Practical Nurse is an accomplishment?? I am 22 years old and someday want to continue on, but not at this moment...
    Becoming an LPN/LVN is definitely a worthy accomplishment. Although I am now an RN, I certainly worked hard and put plenty of effort into earning my LVN license several years ago.
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    yes, great job and congrats! just don't be one of those nurses who stops their education there. keep going after earning a little bit of money, it will be totally worth it!
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    I do not hold an LPN degree, in my province, it's a certificate.

    And yes, of course it's an accomplishment...why wouldn't it be?

    I worked hard on my prerequisites, got into a very competitive school. Worked very hard in my course and clinicals. Graduated with honors while taking care of my family. Passed my licensing exam. Work hard at my job every shift.

    It's a huge accomplishment. Becoming an LPN isn't a cake walk. There's time, dedication, study, money, brains and critical thinking involved.
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    Quote from OgopogoLPN
    I do not hold an LPN degree, in my province, it's a certificate.
    The LPN is a certificate or diploma program in the United States, too. While a very small handful of state universities and community colleges in the U.S. offer the 2-year associate of applied science degree in practical nursing, the vast majority of the practical nursing (LPN) programs in this country are non-degree programs where the end results include a certificate or diploma and the chance to become licensed as a practical nurse.

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