Can a new LPN work anywhere besides a nursing home?

  1. I'm currently in an LPN program and will graduate at the end of March. Our two clinical sites have been at nursing homes, and I realize that I just do not have the energy to work in a nursing home. Have any new LPNs gotten jobs at places other than nursing home? Any tips for landing these jobs?
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  3. by   readyforachangenow
    Clinics or outpatient surgery. These jobs are hard to come by but it's possible. I know a few options are pediatric, dermatology, or allergy clinics. There are a few hospitals that still employ LPNs. It just depends on the area you live in.
  4. by   T-Bird78
    I've only worked in doctor's offices because I want my evenings, weekends, and holidays off to be with family. I'd apply for any LPN position in an office (even MA--you just never know!) I got my first job quite by accident--I'd applied the same day I saw the post, and because I was available that day for the interview and next day for working interview, I got the job. One perk of being a new grad is you're more than willing to work and you don't have to "unlearn" other places policies and procedures. Good luck! It is possible to NOT get LTC jobs. You may have more luck in a specialist office than PCP. Most PCPs use MAs and a lot of specialists use MA and LPN because the LPN can do more hands-on work. Allergy typically uses LPNs because of the volume of injections and testing.
  5. by   HippyDippyLPN
    Although I have work a lot in LTC most of my LPN career has been spent in allergy/ENT clinic and now I am at a urgent care. RN's are the only essential staff so I work Monday through Friday 8:30-5 no weekends or holidays.
  6. by   BrandonLPN
    Jails and prisons. Dialysis clinics. Where I live, most school nurses are LPNs (but from what I gather, that varies from state to state).
  7. by   mommyof2Tees
    Assisted Living Facilities hire LPN's too.
  8. by   orange_dolphin
    I work in an an Internal Medicine office.
  9. by   TheCommuter
    1. Clinics, doctors' offices
    2. Psychiatric facilities
    3. Rehabilitation hospitals
    4. Home health
    5. Private duty cases
    6. Prisons, jails
    7. Military (U.S. Army)
    8. Blood banks
    9. Trade schools (as instructors for CNA and MA programs)
    10. Assisted living facilities
  10. by   Vocationofalifetime

    I just read your post. I've been an LPN since 1993, and I'm in school for my BSN now. I've worked in a chemical dependency program, nursing home, and currently in home health. Regarding your question, I believe your opportunities depend upon where you live. I happen to live in the NE, and we have alot of magnet hospitals in our area, which requires a BSN education, minimally, and thus, it's nearly impossible to find facility job as an LPN. However, as a field nurse since 2000, I know that home health is a huge field for LPNs and RNs, and we have a big problem hiring good nurses. Thus, from my point of view, I would like to encourage you to check out home health, and specialties such as pediatrics, geriatric, high-tech positions. It may require some additional training, but most trainings and certifications can be done through the field office where you are employed.

    I wish you good luck and I encourage you to persist in the challenge of being a valuable, and effective nurse working with patients who need you to be dedicated and excellent in what you do!

  11. by   amygarside
    LPNs are really having a tough time of finding jobs these days since hospitals prefer BSN degree holders. I suggest you take earn a degree in BSN..
  12. by   HippyDippyLPN
    I wouldn't say we are having a hard time finding jobs (at least I'm not) but yes generally hospitals are not an option most LPN's do not have. There is still employment in many of the areas listed above. Just be aware you may have to put a year in at LTC to get into the other areas we can work. Also if you are interested in hospital type care many of the hospital systems in my area hire LPN's for their urgent cares, not sure if its like that everywhere.
  13. by   elavalley3
    I personally work as an hyperbaric technician /wound nurse. Have done ltc as well.
  14. by   BrandonLPN
    In addition to all the LPN jobs that have been listed, there are also many jobs that will hire LPNs into certain roles, though they won't really allow said person to function as a nurse or use the LPN title in the job.

    For example, where I live urgent care centers heavily utilize workers they call "clinical support associates". To be a CSA one needs to be a LPN, EMT or MA. But once hired, they are a CSA only. They are not allowed to tell pts that they are a "nurse".

    Also, sleep clinics hire LPNs as "sleep techs", but they're not really utilized as nurses. Ditto for some dialysis clinics, they'll hire LPNs as dialysis technicians, but their job is exactly the same as the techs who aren't LPNs.

    Personally, I think a LPN taking such positions is a bad idea. The pay is low, pus it doesn't really count as true nursing experience. But some LPNs are so desperate to escape LTC, they'll accept a job where their nursing license isn't really utilized.