For all you LPN/LVN's out there, was it hard to find a job after graduation?

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    For all you LPN/LVN's out there, was it hard to find a job after graduation? We have 15 weeks left of school and I was just wondering if it took you a while to find a job, I currently work in a pharmacy and I am trying to decide on staying until I find another job or putting my notice in once I finish school to focus on studying for the nclex and then finding a job. Also where was your first job after school? Thanks-SM

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    I wouldn't leave one job unless I have secured employment first. It can be very difficult to find a job fresh out of school, so don't make any hasty decisions.
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    I think it depends on where you live. My last week of school I had 3 interviews and before I took my boards ( 3 months later) I had already received 4 job offers. I think it is how you present yourself... you are a brand.. you have to learn how to market your products!!
    My first job was at an Outpatient Surgery Clinic... but I HATED it...So now I work at an LTC.. Loving it so far!!
    Good luck!
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    First job LTC. it took roughly 8 weeks to find. But it was a lean time for jobs in my area.
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    Due to unseen circumstances, even though I graduated in Aug 2012, my name did not get submitted to the BON until the end of October 2012. I sat for my boards on Dec 13 and did not get a job until about 10 weeks later.

    I would suggest NOT quitting your job because I completely underestimated how hard it was to find a job. The first place to even consider me was the local jail. I absolutely love it! I have only been here for a few weeks but the people here are great and willing to teach.

    Unless you are financially able to quit your job I would no suggest it. You are working in a pharmacy! That is great experience learning meds and interactions, side effects etc. While I was looking for my first LPN job I was still registering patients in the ER. I hated my job but I loved the stuff I got to see!

    Also just because you get hired does not mean you will like it. I had an interview at an OB Drs office. I actually shadowed the LPN for a few hours. An hour in I knew I wouldn't like it.

    Best of luck and Congrats!
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    I graduated from an LVN program and passed NCLEX in late 2005, well before the Great Recession, so I had an easy time finding my first LVN position because nursing jobs were just more abundant back then.
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    I graduated with my LPN 15 years ago and it was not difficult at all then to find a job. I was hired before I even got my results back from boards. Like someone else said, it all depends on where you live and where you want to work. Most doctor offices hire LPNs ( in my experience, Ive noticed its because they can get away with paying an LPN a few $ less for doing the same duties). LTC facilities staff more LPNs than RNs, the RNs are usually charge nurses who handle any IV infusion orders or wound treatment, or are in administration..again it depends on the place and a nurses experience. Some LPNs have more responsibility based on that. Hospitals are constantly changing. Many want 'magnet status' so LPNs are not in demand, and even RNs are urged to proceed to a BSN if even hired. My problem is pride...Ive worked to long and hard to work in a hospital that wants to call me a ' PCT' ( patient care tech)! I do home care, which a lot of LPNs do...however usually you need at least a year or two experience first. Ive seen many changes and worked a variety of places as an LPN, even managed an obgyn office for 7 years, and I dont feel the LPNS role will be phased out. Limited....maybe. Im getting my RN now, just for me! It wont change my job role, I make what an RN makes doing home care in the state of Ohio...but Im keeping my future options open. Good luck with your career, you'll find an area of nusing you love!
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    Like pp's said, I wouldn't quit a job unless I had another one. That being said, I have never had trouble finding a job (knock on wood) I got my nursing license in early 2011 and found two jobs within 2 weeks time. One was at a drug and alcohol rehab and one was at a LTC/SNF. I took the job at the SNF because I wanted to be able to practice more hands on nursing skills; this was in TN. Last May I moved to NY and within two days of being here, I had a job. I left that job after 6 months and had another job a week later in LTC, which I am still at. Even in today's market, it is possible.
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    Thanks for all the replies! I was working more last semester but I decided to focus on my school more this semester and I am so glad that I did! I still work, but not as much. I currently live in NY, but both my husband and I want to move eventually. I guess I am just worried about finding a job in my area after graduation!
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    Yes definately keep your job until you find one. I made that mistake thinking I would just find a job no problem with my new LPN credentials...boy was I sadly mistaken with a lot of bills piling up...yikes! Finally my old boss took me back with LPN pay and 2 years later Im still at that same job. I still cant find another job. I recently just got accepted to the LPN-RN bridge program and I wont be making that mistake again!

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