BSN Our Lady of Holy Cross College...HELP!

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    I am applying to the BSN program for nursing but I don't know the average acceptance rate for that school. I am freaking out. I took almost ALL the classes I need but I am just freaking out. I need some advice. I had to change the school i was applying to at the last minute so now everything just took a WIDE TURN. I AM FREAKING OUT!! Someone please help me...PLEASE! ANY advice would be awesome.
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    I was just accepted into the RN program there... What do you need help with? The school accepts their students first, being enrolled there and taking your science courses there helps a lot in the application process. If you have a nursing GPA of a 2.5 or above and have taken a majority of your courses there you are sure to get in. They do factor in previously failed courses and grades into your nursing GPA.
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    Also a proficient score on the TEAS is very important.
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    I have heard some good things about Holy Cross college. I think the reason that you haven't heard a lot about it is because the classes are very small. Honestly, I would love to go there but I don't want to be in serious dept when I graduate. About 30,000 for nursing school? Am I calcuating this correctly? I recently looked at LSU med school and it was 27,000.... :/

    I honest don't have much experience with financial aid. I've been going to Delgado and paid out of pocket. And for my first degree I was on TOPS. I used a student loan calculator and it told me for 30,000 dept I would pay approx $360 a month. It was a random internet site, so not sure if that's even accurate. That's not a crazy note to me on a nurses salary, but if I were to go on to get my NP and need more financial assistance, would I have a problem getting it?

    Sorry for the ramble, but my brain is fried from A&P haha. I was planning on applying to Charity & LSU for spring admission but my boyfriend interviewed a lot of nurses today on his EMT ride along and 9 out of 10 at a private New Orleans hospital said go to Holy Cross. Also a friend said to do whatever you could to go there. I'm just trying to crunch numbers and weigh options.

    Any advice would be appreciated!