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  1. Delgado Charity School of Nursing

    Good luck. Let me know if u got in and what was your profile score? I'm currently preparing to apply in January for fall 2019. I just have to take a&p 2, English 102 and math 130 and fine arts so my pre reqs would be completed. I wanted to retak...
  2. Anyone applying to Our Lady of Holy Cross College?

    What was your gpa? I am transferring in January but wanted to apply in February for the fall 2016 semester but will be taking a&p2 &microbiology there when I apply. Can I still apply being that I am taking the last of my sciences?
  3. Attention all Charity Applicants

    I was trying to see what are my chances of getting in if I just have statistics left to take in the spring semester if I was to apply in January for Fall 2016 semester. My CSN gpa will be 2.87 but hopefully I can pull it up to at least a 3.3 when I a...
  4. HESI A2

    how is the math portion?
  5. Charity School of Nursing for Spring 2016

    Will i be accepted if i have a B or C or a&p 1 lecture and lab?
  6. Its ok. Just make sure if you are taking your biologies there that you try to get an A or B in them. Delgado pre-reqs for the RN program are kind of hard but long as you have a high gpa and HESI score that you have a better chance. Make sure you comp...
  7. Charity School of Nursing Assessment form

    Let me know how it turned out for you. I hope you get in!!
  8. charity son spring 2015

    wow you got in with a 60! I am at a 70 with the a&p 2 completed. You have given me hope
  9. Charity RN Fall 2015

    Hey I not applying til August for spring 2016 since I am 5 months pregnant now. I wanted to ask you if you was finished with a&p 2 lab because after the summer semester I will just have the lab part of a&p left to do and math 120 and stats. ...
  10. Charity School of Nursing Assessment form

    I mean I will apply in August for the Spring 2016
  11. Charity School of Nursing Assessment form

    Is it true you have to be done with 120 to apply? After the summer I will just have math 120 and a&p 2 lab left when I apply. I will take my stats and English 102 in the fall. Someone told me that you have to be done what math 120 to apply
  12. Charity School of Nursing Assessment form

    So having good grades in the CSN and a high HESI score will get you a good chance of being accepted? I plan on applying in August for the spring 2015 and I am taking A&P 1 over plus micro 211 and my humanities and fine art in the spring semester ...
  13. charity son spring 2015

    Hi everyone. I am looking to apply in August for Spring 2016 and wanted to know what was your profile score and if you completed A&P2 when you was accepted. I am retaking A&P 1 and completing my other pre-reqs for the charity. I really want t...
  14. I am currently at Delgado Community College and just decided to transfer to Holy Cross in the summer to take the Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2 to have a better chance of getting in for next year because I heard they take their student first. I will ...
  15. Anyone applying to charity PN program for Fall 2015?

    Yea it is true that you have to take the HESI exam too. Well if I have to take that test I will forget about doing the LPN and Just take my classes for the RN program. Delgado changes things every year. I just talk to someone at charity