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  1. Pharmacology Notes, Anyone?

    I am currently in the RN BSN program at Our Lady Of Holy Cross College. If any one has any pharmacology notes (no matter what school you attend/attended) that you think would be helpful to me this semester, please leave a message! Thanks!
  2. Where to go for my physical exam?

    Thanks I made an appointment with them today.
  3. Where to go for my physical exam?

    I'm in New Orleans
  4. Where to go for my physical exam?

    Anyone know of where I can get my physical exam done that isn't very expensive? I start a RN program in the fall and will need vaccinations as well. If you can tell me around how much your exam cost you that would be helpful too. I don't have insuran...
  5. BSN Our Lady of Holy Cross College...HELP!

    Also a proficient score on the TEAS is very important.
  6. Any info on Holy Cross?

    Also they factor in previously failed courses taken at other schools into your Nursing GPA which is why most ppl have to take courses at the school to raise their GPA before they can even apply to the program.
  7. Any info on Holy Cross?

    I will be starting the RN program in the fall. It's a great school, small and like a family. If you have a GPA of 2.5 or above and take a majority of your courses there then you will most likely get accepted into the program. The TEAS is also importa...
  8. BSN Our Lady of Holy Cross College...HELP!

    I was just accepted into the RN program there... What do you need help with? The school accepts their students first, being enrolled there and taking your science courses there helps a lot in the application process. If you have a nursing GPA of a 2....
  9. Our Lady Of Holy Cross College

    I am currently finishing up my prereqs for the RN BSN program. I will be applying to the program in the spring. This thread is for anyone who is also applying to the nursing program soon or has already applied and been accepted or denied.
  10. I failed the TEAS exam last week

    I don't know where you took it but most schools tell you to go to this website http://www.atitesting.com/home.aspx when you have to register to take the test. This site also offers a study manual but you can also purchase the same study manual at Ba...
  11. Charity LPN Program

    You are for sure going to be accepted this time with a profile score that high. I wouldn't worry if I were you. Good luck on everything though and I hope we all see each other in August. Thanks for the Nunez info, I went online as well. I'm going to ...
  12. Charity LPN Program

    Also, do any of you know anything about Nunez Community College LPN program? A lot of ppl said they were also applying there when I went to take the compass at Delgado. I really would hate drive all the way to chalmette from metarie though.
  13. Charity LPN Program

    Ok, now I'm worried after you said you've been rejected before. I wonder how many ppl are applying? The lady I spoke to the day I filled out my application told me 100 applicants are accepted but idk how true that is. If I'm not accepted I will conti...
  14. Charity LPN Program

    My score was a 65. I've taken both A&P's but made C's so she said I would have to enroll in the first one again if I get accepted and make a B. I've taken nutrition already too and made a B but I don't go to Delgado so I have to print out a descr...
  15. Charity LPN Program

    Hi, I finally found someone applying to the LPN program and not the RN thank GOD! Lol I turned in my application last Wednesday and I am also waiting to hear from them. When I went to fill out my application the lady said we should be notified in Jun...