BSN Our Lady of Holy Cross College...HELP!

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I am applying to the BSN program for nursing but I don't know the average acceptance rate for that school. I am freaking out. I took almost ALL the classes I need but I am just freaking out. I need some advice. I had to change the school i was applying to at the last minute so now everything just took a WIDE TURN. I AM FREAKING OUT!! Someone please help me...PLEASE! :( ANY advice would be awesome.

I am also waiting for my letter to start this fall. I spoke with a friend who is graduating from the program this year and she said her letter came in a small envelope. I also heard they accept about 65 students but im interested in how many students applied. Any ideas?

I received my rejection letter this weekend. They wanted me to take pre req classes at OLHCC. All of my classes were taken in my previous degree. They suggested that I enroll and take some co-requisite classes. However, I have already taken everything besides the religion classes.

Im weighing my options and considering other schools.

My rejection letter came in a large envelope.

also, if you are still waiting, you probably got in. I got my rejection letter this past Saturday.

I haven't taken any classes at olhc I just want to know where I stand so I can stop worrying about it and figure out what the next step is. I applied to Delgado last year for their RN program but was denied do to the number of retakes in some classes. Ive heard Our lady of the lake has a very good program.


I'm sorry to hear that you couldn't get in. Was the only reason why is because you didn't attend UHC and take any Religion classes? If so, I am on the same boat. However, I am still waiting for my letter to come in. I'm like a wrecking ball every time I opened my mailbox.

Hey @vngo08 have your received anything? I still have not received anything. My friend got her acceptance letter last Friday.

@zombieRN2019 we are in the same boat. I received my degree from UNO and all my prereqs are satisfied aside from the religion courses. I had a 2.9 GPA, scored proficient on the TEAS and scored well above the score they needed on the reading test. I was really bummed and surprised that that was even an admission requirement since its not stated on the website. I have applied basically to all the nursing programs in the south Louisiana territory but was really surprised by this school

Anyone ever took the Reading test for University of Holy cross. If so can anyone give me some insight on how it is

I just took in February this year! It's not that hard, but there was a girl in there who was on her last attempt(3) you get to pass ití ½í¸² You first get 80 vocabulary terms and you choose from 5 mutilple choice answers. The second part is like 38 reading comprehension question, like read a passage and answer 5 or so multiple choice questions about the passage! Both test are timed! Here is a link for examples:

This link has a lot of the vocabulary words that were used:

Hey! Did you ever get into Holy Cross? I'm waiting for my acceptance letter!! I took all my pre-reqs at Delgado!

Did you ever get into Holy Cross? I'm waiting for my acceptance letter now!! I took all my pre-reqs at Delgado!

Has anyone gotten their letter for the upcoming fall semester?!?! I am FREAKING out. I did not take my pre-reqs at UHCNO but my GPA is a 3.6 and I got an 83 on the TEAS...all my pre-reqs will be completed by the end of this semester(this week). Im so nervous and want this so badly! Anybody have any thoughts?

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