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I am applying to the BSN program for nursing but I don't know the average acceptance rate for that school. I am freaking out. I took almost ALL the classes I need but I am just freaking out. I need some advice. I had to change the school i was applying to at the last minute so now everything just took a WIDE TURN. I AM FREAKING OUT!! Someone please help me...PLEASE! :( ANY advice would be awesome.


Basically I have taken everything except for Theo and Theo Elective.

However, the first time I applied, I had 5 classes that I didn't complete including the two classes above.

@Vngo08 but did you take any of those classes at HC or did you take all of those classes at UNI and Delgado?

Never took any courses at UHC. All pre-reqs has been taken at UNO and Delgado.

@Vngo8 What @nolanurseforever and I are trying to understand is, exactly how many classes did you take at UHC before you applied the second time to UHC and got accepted? Are you saying you took 7 classes at UHC before being accepted the second time? Thanks!

@Candynurse16 and @nolanurseforever.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Like I said again, I have never taken any classes at UHC for the first or second time applying. All my classes have been taken at Delgado and UNO.

So I was in the same situation. I was transferring and was originally denied because I had not taken any classes at Holy Cross. I received. Phone call Labor Day weekend saying that there was a spot for me. I'm currently in the program now. I'm pretty sure they only accepted three transfer students. I did not have Theology or Philosophy. While I did score well on the reading and TEAS, I think it helped that I had previously taken every other required course other than the nursing. Maybe it would be best to talk to an advisor and see if taking micro and statistics next semester would increase your chances to get in next year.

How many hours did they transfer? I only see 32 hours on my transcript. They are missing my math classes(which I see none) and some other classes. I am in Pathophysiology and English literature at Holy Cross Now, but I'm applying to Holy Cross and Charity in January. Well hopefully I can start Charity in Januaryí ½í¹„

I transferred 57 credits to Holy Cross, but only like 33- 36 went towards the nursing curriculum. I will be taking patho next semester. I think you have an advantage taking higher level classes when you apply. The good think about Charity is that they accept students twice a year. When do you find out about Charity?

Charity decision letters come in March. So now I have 54 hours transferred and I don't know how many of those hours transferred to my nursing curriculum. I think I'm leaning more towards Holy Cross (HC)! I love it at HC!! I will still apply to charity as back up,but I can't see myself not getting accepted to HC!

Hey! Did you reapply to Holy Cross? I got accepted this 2nd time around🤗

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