What do I have to do to get a CNA job!!!?

  1. I know many people are going to suggest working in LTC before a hospital for the simple fact that most hospitals won't hire you without experience. Here is the thing, I have applied EVERYWHERE..maybe not as many nursing homes but that is just because there isn't a lot of jobs posted for them. I've applied at Jewish, Baptist East, and Nortons over a billion times. I contacted a recruiter and floor manager from Norton's and they can't even take two minutes to write an e-mail or call and say yes or no to job openings. I even applied the The Brooks Hospital for a Mental Health Associate position. Everyone has to start somewhere but no one will give me a chance. I feel like it's a game with the hospitals.."It's her third time calling! twenty more to go and we'll call her back" If anyone has any suggestions, I'm up for anything. Just please no rude comments because I know I am venting.
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  3. by   wishinguponastarLPN
    I am right there with you! I have my CNA in both Indiana and KY and I have literally taken my GPS and drove around all afternoon stopping at every LTC, Rehab center, hospital, you name it, to fill out applications because I was told that is how they like to do it. I am a nursing student and the only CNA experience I have is from nursing school clinicals and I am trying so hard just to get a CNA position to get more experience.
    I have had luck with an offer from Jewish for a PRN home health aide, so I accepted it but there is no guarantee of hours.
    Good luck you to!!
  4. by   classykaren
    I am in Florida and I have never goten a job that I had not gone and applied in person. Start going to every assisted living and home health agency inperson you will get a job I am sure.
  5. by   sophie<3
    I agree, some places will hire you through their online applications (which I hate to be honest) and others prefer someone to come in and apply in person. If you are not too far from Richmond, there is a LTC here that almost always hires people...as long as you have your CNA. I was told they will even hire you without your CNA for 3 months while you take training...I tried that approach because I didn't have my CNA but I didn't get the job, I just got tired of calling them and when I finally talked to someone they had just started an orientation group that they do about once a month. Which would be a waste of time for me as I just wanted it for a summer positon. My friend/neighbor has worked there for over a year and she is basically allowed to work as much as she wants...this summer she has worked around 100 hours a week, 60 hours of overtime! So it is worth it if you want the hours and can afford to drive there...just be prepared to call them. I think that is how a lot of places are...you have to stay on their butts before you get any interest. The place is Kenwood Rehab or something along those lines..you can just google it. But as far as other facilities, apply anywhere you can...go to the facility and ask for an application and fill it out there and dress somewhat nicely because some places will hire right on the spot. Once you apply, wait a few days and call about your application and keep caling every few days until you find something out about your application status. That's what every CNA I know has told me! You have to be pushy in this field I guess! Good luck
  6. by   Aongroup1990
    Try to do cna training that is free, and eventually they will hire you. Thanks
  7. by   daimere
    Where in Kentucky are you? Do you have a state veteran's home near your area? I know the one where I live is always hiring and they will hire fresh off the bus!
  8. by   kitty.henry7
    I feel you on the job search. Here's a bit of info I've learned in the past 5 years I've been SRNA certified. First of all hospitals do not do paper applications anymore. You have to go through their web site and believe it or not it can take up to a year before you're even considered. Why? I don't know. When I got my certification my first interview was with UK. They said I needed "professional experience". It took 1yr, over 100 applications and about 7 interviews before I was offered a position. Only to find out I was lied to. There were NCT as they call them who had never worked in the field a day in their lives yet they were applying and with in a week to a month offered a job. Basically it's all nursing politics. Some will argue with me on this but yes it is and do not believe that the manager has nothing to do with you being hired because they do. Also your best bet provided you are still looking submit resumes and with nursing homes go in person. Nursing homes are almost always looking for help and they are rarely if ever staffed. I've never worked in any medical facility that adequately staffed. As bad as it sounds you may have to take a job with a facility you don't want to work for and maybe even a shift you don't want. Sorry to say but you can't be too picky or you may never find a job. As soon as you do find a job stay with it. Too many nurse aids bounce from place to place and it's ridiculous. You'll find a job eventually it just takes time and persistence. Don't put in just one application put in several. For example Nortons hospital don't just apply for one thing apply for all open areas for CNA work. It's really just a big game to tell the truth. Luck of the draw. You have to be what they want when they want it. You sometimes have to know someone as the old saying goes it's not what you know it's who you know. Keep pushing is the best advice I can give you. Eventually you will luck out.
  9. by   CNASuzy
    I walked into a LTC facility and filled out an application. It took about 3-4 months but they did call me and interviewed me. Got hired and the rest is history. It has been great experience.
  10. by   Glycerine82
    Certainly LTC is the place to begin, but I am wondering what your availability is. If you aren't available for any shift you will have a much lower chance of being hired. Also, many employers don't want to hire students because they know they won't be staying very long. Not that it's legal, but it's done.

    My suggestion is to get your foot in the door anywhere you can. Even if the LTC facilities aren't hiring this minute, go in with your resume and ask to speak to the DON. Let her or she know you are looking for a position as a CNA and are willing to start PRN if need be. Also realize that 2nd and 3rd shifts are the hardest to fill, and you may have to be available for them.
  11. by   littlemissbambi
    I hate to say this, but I honestly think it all comes down to luck. Like you I had been trying to get a job at any of the hospitals (Im in Louisville) BUT, I have no CNA experience yet. Well.... I got lucky. I had both Baptist and Nortons call me around the middle of July wanting me to come in for interviews. Norton's called me in for a secretary job and at the interview the girl asked me what other positions I had applied for and I told her patient care or whatever it was called. She then told me that she would give the girl who does the recruiting my resume.. A few days later I got a call from her and I started the interview process. I had very little experience ( I worked for a shady place called Neuro restorative where I pretty much did all CNA work, just not the actual CNA license..) Yea, shady... Anyways, don't give up. One thing that I have learned about Norton's and every hospital is that you have to just try and get your foot in the door somehow. Even it being food service, secretary, transporting, anything. Just get your foot in the door because I have always heard they are more likely to hire from within. I cant tell you how many people that I know who went through the interview process with them to only not get the job because they hired someone who was already there. I ended up getting the job offer from Norton's, but I turned them down. I decided to go with Baptist because they will give me CNA certification and I hear it is a much better place to work. Norton's is quick to fire their employees over little things. Good luck girl, DONT GIVE UP!

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