ASN vs. 2nd Degree BSN at Bellarmine/Spalding/Ivy Tech

  1. I am at a crossroads. I currently hold a BS degree from the University of Louisville, and have decided to pursue a degree in nursing. I have complete prequisite courses at JCC and Ivy Tech, including AP 1 & 2, Developmental Psych, Chemistry, Microbiology, etc.

    At this point, I am looking for opinion and suggestions regarding whether or not I should pursue an ASN degree at Ivy Tech and then go back to school again later to complete an RN to BSN program OR try to go right in and complete an accelerated BSN as a second degree program. At this point, I am looking at the accelerated programs at Bellarmine or Spalding. I work with several Louisville physicians in a non-clinical capacity, and after talking with several of them about my plans, they have encouraged me to seriously consider Bellarmine, and then Spalding secondarily (with the Ivy Tech option a distant third). None recommended U of L's nursing program for some reason...really have no reason why.

    Anyway, I have seen a lot of people on this site post that Bellarmine is excessively difficult, amonth other complaints. I know some girls who graduated from Bellarmine's traditional BSN program, and feel that if they could manage thenI should be able to as well. I graduated with a 3.9 GPA from U of L, and have 4.0 in my combined nursing pre-requisites so far.

    Any input on the educational tracks or the schools I have mentioned, I would GREATLY appreciate it!
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  3. by   lmerm8
    Feel free to contact me. I can offer some help in regards to the 2nd degree programs. I am actually trying to decide which school to attend for my BSN (2nd degree program). Bellarmine or Spalding seems to be the question of the hour. My email is
  4. by   Cammy83
    So what have you decided? I was in the same boat and opted for the ADN because some people told me it would give me more clinical experience, and then I would go on to get my BSN, but now it seems like everyone wants an RN with a BSN. It's a hard choice--I wish you luck with your decision!
  5. by   rachix
    Hi there, I graduated from Bellermine's Acel program in May of '08. It was a tough but very rewarding program. You will not be able to work and will be consumed by the program for 12 mo. but well worth it. I made great life long friends and got a great nursing education. I am not from Louisville and moved back to the Northwest after graduating but I can tell you when I was in school all the hospitals said that BUNS acel nurses where there favorite to hire. Also in clinicals in many of the hospitals we were alound to do a lot more than the other schools. Some schools were not contracted as well to be able to give there students full range to perform any task a nurse on the floor could do. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
  6. by   LibbyRN31286
    I vote ADN first. You can get out quickly with less busy work and then when you are finished there are lots of online BSN programs that you can do while you are working as an RN. This may not be for everyone but if you have any children or a need to start your career ASAP then this is the best option i think
  7. by   dwaynea
    LibbyRN, What ADN program can you complete in person in 12 months or less?
    If you have prereqs you still have to wait the semester that the classes come available in the class schedule. So two years w/ or w/out prereqs. Do you know of a faster ADN option/school?
  8. by   leroy221
    I just applied for the 2014 class at Bellarmine University's ABSN program.. Anyone else start the app process?
  9. by   asm1986
    I am also looking into applying for the May '14 Bellarmine Accelerated BSN program. Any tips or suggestions???
  10. by   alyss2212
    I am currently in the two year accelerated program at Bellarmine set to graduate in May 2015. If anyone has any questions or concerns about the program, feel free to email me:
  11. by   armygirl2013
    I too am currently in the two year accelerated program, but I started off in the one year and switched for personal reasons. You may contact me as well for any advice/suggestions
  12. by   tylerpenn
    What about the outrageous cost of bellarman? It says the program cost 50,000 and to plan on borrowing 80,000 to pay for it!? In private loans I might add.

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