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nurses without borders?

  1. 1 You know docs can go help in 3rd world countries and stuff, can nurses? I mean you hear about it but how would you get involved?
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    yes you can - medsans san frontier (ok cant spell it!) do that. someone here will know the email/web site address!! I have a friend who works with ORBIS - shes currently in Ethiopia and finding it challenging!


    hope someone comes to the rescue here!
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    Medecins Sans Frontieres is what you're refering to, I think. Here is their link.
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    How neat. Oh, to have a hundred lives. Soooooo many things I'd still want to do ! This would definately be one of them.
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    Has anyone done Nurses Without Borders in Honduras? Years back I met a nurse who did it, and I never really got the chance to ask her at the time about it. Now that I am a little more comfortable with Spanish, I wanted to see if maybe I can get more information on it, possibly go
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    I met a nurse several years ago who had worked for MSF for a few years -- she had really enjoyed the experience.
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    many churches have outreach to out of country
    it is helpful if you are bilingual to the country you are going to but if you are not, there are others who will help you to communicate and you can learn some while you there
    there is so much need everywhere you will be much appreciated
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    Moving this to the International Forum that we have on this website where you can also see more threads of this nature. You may also wish to check out the Volunteer Forum that is available here as well.

    Be aware that this thread was started five years ago and many things have changed with requirements.
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    Working for doctors without borders was something i really wanted to do. However, a look at their website a year or so ago gave me the impression that they require much longer commitment from nurses than doctors. If i read it correctly, doctors can do as many few weeks or months they could volunteer, however, nurses had to do at least a year or more. I was looking for a 6month thing. I love to travel to different places but when it comes to the places where doctors without borders go, i think flexibility should be a must.