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I attended the seminar of this Consultancy last March 13. A friend of mine just texted me about the seminar. As much as I liked the idea that the Consultancy presented, I am kind of skeptical about... Read More

  1. by   sally22
    Study modules are conducted by a university but because they are online you do not do them in Australia. your clinical module is in Australia and you cannot work until you are registered.

    Review material is provided for preparation for the tests, it is only if you do not pass a module on the test then you need to take the study module and all relevant material for your studies are provided by the university.
  2. by   sally22

    no experience needed this way, other options are offered with experience but this one is still the best with or without experience.

    See You in Aus
  3. by   lawrence01
    Just giving a friendly reminder that posting contact information is strongly discouraged per Terms of Service. Thank you for understanding.
  4. by   gemini_star
    1 Australian dollar = 43.2166399 Philippine pesos

    $8500 * 43 = Php 365,500

    That is a huge amount of money for a one shot deal. Better pass those exams. It cannot be taken for granted. I would like for those who are in the process to update this post. An agency can only proven or reliable if one actually has been able to go there successfully.
  5. by   kokokoko
    sally22, i've sent you a pm! thanks!
  6. by   sally22
    oops sorry about the posting of contact information, just followed what I saw others doing. Very new at this forum.

    Also for gemini_star, yes this is a lot in pesos and unfortunately it is not for everyone but for those who can afford it will save you at least this amount and more compared to the other options and Bridging courses. Better study hard and do well, but another way of looking at it is the lost income for every month you are not overseas, it is between 4-5000 dollars. That is a lot to lose and I am looking forward to earning soon.

    It will not be long now.
  7. by   justinRN
    Almost DONE with the Registration process---Thanks ASNC
  8. by   anelish
    hi! In connection with this post re ANSM. It would really be a great, great help if one can really testify that they had taken both the exams A&B and passed. and is Already in Australia.
    AUD8,500.00 .... is no joke at all.
    Good luck Guys!
  9. by   earthlyjewels
    I'd like to attend one of the information seminars of the consultancy mentioned...does anybody know how i can attend or if i can have contact/website information on them so i can contact them directly?

    thanks in advance
  10. by   suzanne4
    Please do not post contact information here, just do a Google search on the company.

    And as another poster mentioned above, still have not seen one person come here and post that is actually working in Oz now and thru this company.
  11. by   sally22
    Dear gemini_star this is a full process. if you do not pass any of the 4 elements in the test you do them as study modules in the Philippines (online) this saves a lot of expenses and time. When you pass the modules then you go to Australia. So failing the test is not the end of it like th USA

    The consultancy offers assistance with understanding the modules and contact with a clinical instructor if you need guidance.

    It is up to you to study of course but the pass for the modules is only a pass/fail not a high mark required. if we cannot achieve a pass fail mark then perhaps a different career choice is needed for us. I am sure all the Filipino nurses can pass this at least by the modules if not the test. Lets show them what we can do and live that life in Australia we all dream about.

    this dream can come true and we all know there is little work available it the Philippines for nurses. Way too many for the positions available

    I cannot post the details to contact them but if you send me a message i will respond
  12. by   earthlyjewels
    Hi Sally22....

    Can you send me a PM with your email so I can contact you regarding the consultancy....thanks..I think i still don't have enough posts to send you a PM


    Thanks for your email...I added you in my messenger and looking forward to chatting with you
  13. by   sally22
    For those with constant doubts and no suggestions i have attached the following which was provided to me.

    Unfortunately too many people look for the negative all the time without ever providing a solution. This, although well meaning is detrimental to the reader.

    If there are other alternatives then it is up to the individual. Life is either a bag of mishaps, problems and misery or a SUCCESS, where every day is an enjoyable one. This only ever comes to those who see the things they want and follow the opportunities, whatever they are, whilst keeping a clear picture of the outcome they want.

    Sure, some things don't go the way we planned it but there is a higher force at work here and we cannot tell it to do what we want it provides us with what we ask for and does it in its own way.

    Below is a copy of a sheet handed to me by ASNC I hope this will assist with the understanding or the process. The consultancy provided me with this. [IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/Admin/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/msohtml1/01/clip_image003.gif[/IMG]

    ]The Queensland Nursing Council (QNC) ]has developed a program that is designed to assist overseas trained professionals gain their registration in ]Queensland], ]Australia]. The Competence Assessment Service is the only program that is offered externally to gain registration in ]Australia] without having to complete a degree. You can enrol in the program at any time of year.

    ]Here's what you need to do:
    Step 1 -
    ]Fill out application form for approval to gain registration in ]Queensland], ]Australia]. This can will be provided by the consultancy, you will need to provide ALL DOCUMENTATION they require, and ASNC will submit the documents, then we wait for approval.
    Step 2 -
    ]Sit English language test. You must receive an IELTS score no lower than 7.0 overall - with a band score no lower than ]6.5 in] reading and listening and a band score of at least ]7.0 in] speaking and writing. Alternatively, ISLPR minimum score of 3+ in all components of the test, or OET minimum 'B proficiency' level pass. These are minimum requirements for registration as a nurse in ]Queensland]. IELTS must be provided before the first test and can be submitted after your application is processed
    Step 3 -
    ]ASNC will apply to CAS for you to sit Challenge Test Part A- this test can be done in the ]Philippines] or ]Australia].
    Step 4 -
    ]Complete any theoretical modules required as indicated by your results in the Challenge Test Part A- these modules can be done in ]Philippines] or ]Australia
    Step 5 -
    ]Complete the clinical practice assessment component of CAS (either a clinical placement or Part B Clinical Challenge assessment). This component must be done in ]Queensland], ]Australia].
    Step 6 -
    ]Once you have successfully completed all required assessment, you are recommended to the Nursing Council for registration.